Model Railroading Layouts

We want to hear about your modeling successes! Email your story and send us some photos.

Walt Disney World® in Miniature

Chris Zonio

I just wanted to say how great your products are. I am a novice builder but with Woodland Scenics, I got Expert results. Here is a picture of my functional N-Scale Disney World.

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1:24 Oregon Logging Operation

Dennis & Molly McCarty in Gladstone, Oregon

My wife Molly and I are first-time modelers, and this is our first project. It is based on based on the Camp 18 Logging Museum at Elsie, Oregon.

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Realistic Water Feature

Steven Fields

Modeler Steven Fields sent us these photos of his water feature he modeled with Realistic Water™ and Water Effects™.

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Grand Valley Down Under

Caleb Jenkins in South Australia

Caleb Jenkins sent us some photos from his Grand Valley Layout Kit with a rural 1900s British branch line theme.

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An On30 Tribute to a Friend

Phil Gardner in Eastbourne, England

Having built exhibition layouts in OO, N and OO9, I felt it was time for a change of gauge.

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Scenic Ridge is a Learning Project

Don Martin in Canada

Don Martin used the Scenic Ridge Layout Kit as his way into the model railroading hobby, and it worked very well for him. Take a look and read about his experience and what he has learned to date.

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HOn3 and Brass Steam

Jim and Charlie Pfister

I have been interested in modeling railroads since I was 5. My grandfather worked for the Milwaukee Rd, so I spent a lot of time around railroad stuff. I rode the Hiawatha when it was steam powered.

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A Grand Family Layout

Dan Duviviers

I wanted to build a layout for me and my kids to enjoy without the hassles of buying all the power tools necessary to make and build risers. Woodland Scenics has made it a very simple process.

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Scenic Ridge is a Family Affair

Joe Doyle in Germany

Joe Doyle and his thirteen-year-old grandson Michael have been working together for the past year to build the Scenic Ridge layout at Michael's home in Germany.

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N Scale - From Layout to Golf Course

Michael Darnell in Brigantine, NJ

A couple of years ago I walked into a hobby shop and saw the Woodland Scenics Display and decided to rebuild my layout with your product.

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O, N, HO and Back to O

Gordon Peterson in Springfield, VA

I have used Woodland Scenics for years, building several model railroads in multiple gauges. My O gauge Port of New York & New Jersey Railroad features lots of your landscape materials and figures.

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Santa Fe Fort Madison Stockyards

Ed Gabrielse

A little more than a year ago, modeler Ed Gabrielse began his project to scratch-build a one-of-a-kind historical model of the operation of the Fort Madison Stockyards in Madison, Iowa.

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HO Scale - River Pass Layout Kit

Mike Borovsky

I just completed the River Pass layout. Thank you all for your support and suggestions. I'm very pleased with the layout and the Woodland Scenics products that were used in it.

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Italian FS railway in the Alps

Enrico Corsaro in Italy

I would very much like to share with you some pictures of my recently finished model railway layout, on which I used lots of Woodland Scenics products.

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O Scale - From Collector to Modeler

John Besser

Inspired by childhood memories, John Besser began modeling to more thoroughly enjoy his Lionel train collection. John says that Woodland Scenics helped him model realistic scenery successfully.

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O Scale - New Buildings a Hit

Michael Culham

I have attached four photos of your O scale buildings that I have used on my O scale Great Central Railway layout.

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N Scale Collector Now Modeler

Josh Osmailowski in East Michigan

Josh just started building a layout for his 20-year collection of N scale trains...something he has always dreamed of doing. Check out his first attempt at recreating Midwestern trees and foliage!

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HO Scale - New Haven Railroad

Rick Abramson

I have always been fascinated by heavy electrics and interurbans, beginning way back in 1955 when my dad introduced me to model railroading.

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HO Scale - First Time Modeler

James David Flynn

I use a lot of your products that I find most excellent. I am now 71 years of age, this is my first attempt at modelling and it gives me something to occupy my mind in retirement.

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HO Scale - One Module at a Time

Thomas Trotter

Missouri modeler Thomas Trotter uses Woodland Scenics Turfs, Foliage, Field Grass and other scenery materials to make his dioramas, and was kind enough to share some photos.

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N Scale - Intricate and Dramatic Detail

John Sullivan

My N-Scale 'Buzzards Cove' layout began on a standard hollow core door some 16 years ago when my wife and I moved into our current home.

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N Scale - Big Bend MR Association

Andy Zimmerman

I have been a model railroader since I was a young man, starting with O27 and moving to N scale when I joined the U.S. Navy. It wasn't practical to move large engines from duty station to duty station.

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HO Scale - Realistic Water Feature

Denver Hewitt in South Africa

This is my second layout (HO) and my first try at Realistic Water. I use a lot of Woodland Scenics products when I can get them. The hobby and stores are very limited here in South Africa.

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HO Scale - Amazing Scratch-built Detail

Lucio A. Maggio

Inspired by the famous "Phillies Cafe" [painted] by Edward Hopper, I made a diorama, scratch built the cafe, [and used] the DPM Modular systems and other DPM buildings.

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N Scale - British Profile, LNER

Keith M. Bartram

I am returning to the railway scene after twenty-years, and working in 'N Gauge'. This is the first time I have used your products. I don't intend to use any other, because your realism can't be beat!

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HO Scale - Scratchbuilding with Detail

Rick and Midge Wade

Growing up in the East end of Louisville, Kentucky during the 50's and 60's gave me lots of opportunities to watch the Louisville & Nashville trains pass only 200 feet behind my home.

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Easy Built Golf Course

Walt Johnson. Ligonier

I can say even though this is my first time trying to do some landscaping, your products make it fool proof. Anyone can do it if I can. Here are some pictures.

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HOn3 - Two Layouts in Progress

Brian Messenger

Attached are a few photographs of my layout progress using Woodland Scenics products available in my retail store. My layout at home is an HOn3 with a logging line.

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HO Scale - Magestic Rocky Mountains

David Bol

My layout is 11' x 22', inspired by the original Gorre and Daphetid and has floor to ceiling mountains. It is modeled in the current era with some slippage into the 50s.

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Alan Goldberg

Alan Goldberg

Here are some of the photos I mentioned earlier. All the ground foam, ballast, rocks, and on the station parking lot I used Smooth It and Asphalt Top Coat.

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N Scale - Scenery Hides Staging

Mike Satke

My layout is small, compared to some of my friends, at 10' X 14' in the shape of an L. It has staging behind the scenery with six tracks.

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N Scale - Kitbashing a Backwoods Garage

Steven Gugal

You may want to clue people into the fact that on the Fill'er Up & Fix'er, you can separate the garage portion from the gas station. I did in N scale and my buddy did one in HO.

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HO Scale - Kitbashing Through Coal Country

Harry Dinsen

Coal Belt Lines, owned and operated by the Allegheny & Eastern Transportation Corporation is HO scale...The theme or purpose of the CBL (Coal Belt Lines) is coal hauling in Central Pennsylvania.

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HO Scale - Scene Setting is Main Theme

Richard Sadow

I retired in June of 2008 and started working on my (4 x 8 HO) layout. Went to a model store to get ideas and saw your product, which I liked.

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HO Scale - Hooked by the Grand Valley

Pamela Mathews

I am a retired female who recently joined a railroad modeling club... to get started, I bought the Grand Valley Layout Kit. This is an excellent kit, especially for beginners.

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HO Scale - Modeling Benediktbeuern, Bavaria

Markus Kretzschmar in New Brunswick, Canada

Back in Germany, my father had a small layout when he was young, so it was only natural that when he came to Canada and had kids that he would introduce this great hobby to us.

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HO Scale - Layout at Night

George Hastings

I used many Woodland Scenics products creating my layout. First thing I made was a mountain, then I got better at it. It is amazing what a marginally capable person can do with your products.

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HO Scale - Modeling in Baghdad

Patrick Anderson in Baghdad, Iraq

Woodland Scenics was approached by a serviceman, Second Lieutenant Patrick Anderson, serving in Baghdad, Iraq, who was working on starting the first ever Baghdad Model Railroaders Club with donations.

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HO Scale - South Bank Short Lines

Dave Audley

We are a round robin style club here in Calgary. The photos were taken during the Golden Spike ceremony for my layout. We meet Moday Evenings, rotating through members homes/layouts.

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Modeling in Bogota Columbia

Manfred Claus

I send to you some kinds of rocks in colors These rocks are produced by myself. I (also) send you a model of a small Columbian town. The houses I made are part of the real situacion in Columbia.

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'Tis the Season for Shaper Sheet

Kevin Vikter

We recently built a model Christmas village with railroad layout for my son's Thomas and Friends O-Gauge Trains and it turned out great. We had a lot of fun doing it and really liked your products.

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