Mod-U-Rail® System

Use the Mod-U-Rail System to easily design, build and landscape a lightweight layout customized to your specific space requirements. Read an excerpt on Mod-U-Rail from The Complete Guide to Model Scenery to learn more. You can also watch the Mod-U-Rail Video to learn more.

Purchase any five Straight and/or Corner Module Kits to receive a Free Straight Module Kit. Offer does not apply to Kit Stands. Use with these track brands: Atlas® True-Track, Atlas® Snap Track, Bachmann E-Z Track®, Kato Unitrack, Life-Like Power-Loc™ and Peco Streamline.

Customize your layout to fit your personal space requirements. Design your layout with an endless number of configuration possibilities, track planning patterns and techniques.

Simply construct modules for the layout base with the patented SubTerrain Lightweight Layout System®. Bolt modules together in the customized prearranged plan you designed.

Each module kit includes Woodland Scenics realistic, high quality scenery materials. Landscape your layout and bring it to life with a variety of pigments, turfs, foliages, talus, ballast, rocks and more!