HO Scale - New Haven Railroad

    I have always been fascinated by heavy electrics and interurbans, beginning way back in 1955 when my dad introduced me to model railroading. Upon moving to Connecticut in 1959, I took an immediate interest in the electric zone of the New Haven RR. I tried to incorporate something "New Haven" in my layouts. My first attempt at stringing catenary was in 1967 when I purchased an HO MEW brass New Haven EF-1 motor at the "outrageous" price of $52.50!

    I had my sights set on working for the RR I modeled. In 1968, I hired on to the New Haven and began a 44-year career, eventually becoming a locomotive engineer. I retired at a superintendent in September 2012. I was fortunate to be able to turn an avocation into my vocation.

    My current New Haven layout, graciously displayed here by Woodland Scenics was begun in June 1997 and just recently completed. . .although we all know a layout is never done.

    The layout comprises the electric zone with all the correct New Haven style catenary and some of the non-electrified portions of the New Haven. It also has operating signals displaying the proper indications working thru Dallee Electronics. Every piece of scenery; trees, grass, earth, water, etc. is all Woodland Scenics. Their products and staff are excellent!!