N Scale - Big Bend MR Association

    I have been a model railroader since I was a young man, starting with O27 and moving to N scale when I joined the U.S. Navy. I found that it wasn't practical to move large engines from duty station to duty station. My biggest weakness/ challenge was always making layout scenes look realistic. Four years ago, with the last of my children grown and out of the house, I was able once again to focus on my hobby.

    I joined the Big Bend Model Railroad Association and started getting more involved. At the time, the club needed someone who could build scenery, set up layout "scenes" and make it all look real, or at least help to suspend disbelief. I purchased some of your Woodland Scenic videos, The Clinic, Model Scenery Made Easy and your SubTerrain videos. I reviewed these videos multiple times and studied the techniques involved, incorporating them into my own technique. After some trial and error on rocks made from your rock molds, I managed to make some fairly convincing rocks, learned how to apply ground cover, incorporate weeds, bushes, talus and tall grass. I was soon producing some quality results with your products.

    This is the first module I built using Woodland Scenics. From the plaster cloth to the water, it is all Woodland Scenics. Incidentally, all of the people you see looking at the modules are looking for Woodland Scenics deer, campers, bear, rabbits geese, hikers, canoers and other fishing related items, all installed into miniature scenes for show goers to search out.

    I have to admit that I borrow from the HO scale products when something is not available in N scale. Recently, I purchased the HO scale windy day play, removed all of the kites and attached them to your Woodland Scenics N scale Bicycle Buddies - with the smallest wire I could find. The effect was great and people love it. I get compliments all the time.