HO Scale - South Bank Short Lines

    These were taken during the Golden Spike ceremony for my layout. All the ground cover is Woodland Scenics as are the water features. The rock work is from your rubber molds, and the roads are painted with your paint products...the 2 fly fishermen and the 2 canoes - both from the Woodland Scenics product line. The station in the first picture is a compressed version of the Banff station, located in the town of Banff, in Banff National Park.

    The guys in the blue shirts are members of a round robin style club here in Calgary. We meet Moday Evenings, rotating through members homes/layouts. The string of bobbers are in honour of a long time SBSL member, Neil McKay, who very recently passed away. Neil gave each member a memorial bobber, and we gathered them all up to take these pictures as part of the spike ceremony. Neil designed some of our scenary and the mountain you see is named Mt. McKay in Neil's honour.

    I also forgot to mention the number of plaster cloth packages, the foam inclines and risers supporting the track work and the paint used to colour the rock work. I also used your hydrocal to make the rock castings. There is actually quite a lot of your product on the layout. Oh, and Foam Tack! Please enjoy the photos!