HO Scale - Realistic Water Feature

    Denver Hewitt sent us a couple of photos of his HO layout. One photo includes a water feature scene he made using Realistic Water. It turned out fantastic! He recently discovered Woodland Scenics products and we are delighted he did! We asked Denver to share something of his modeling story. We will be adding any future photos he sends to keep us updated on his layout progress, and we hope he sends plenty! And just for the record, Denver...we LOVE seeing the Woodland Scenics products in the background! Thanks for sharing, Denver!

    This is my second layout (HO) and my first try at Realistic Water. I use a lot of Woodland Scenics products when I can get them. The hobby and stores are very limited here in South Africa. Please excuse the Woodlands Scenics products in the background! It's work in progress.

    I originally started modeling when I was a kid, but now that I'm older and have the space, it is a permanent hobby. And it won't stop! Haha! My passion began while growing up. My father worked for the local Railway Services in South Africa and we travelled allot by train.

    My layout is HO scale, in a U shape approximately 5m x 3m x 4m - Era is from 1930's to 2000. I operate on Bachmann Dynamis, running 4 - 5 locomotives at a time, of which 3 have sound. I don't model a particular train line, but my favorite which is Union Pacific. The availability of product in South Africa is limited, but I travel internationally, so I try to buy what I can when abroad. Also, The Company I work for is based in Indiana, so I always ask colleagues to bring me stuff if they travel here.

    This is my second layout, but my first time using Woodland Scenics. I love the versatility of the products. So far, I have used your Tree Kits, Tree Armatures, Foliage, Ballast, various ground covers, Realistic Water, Pigments, Track-Bed, Accents and Figures, most recently Canoers, Windy Day Play and many more!