Santa Fe Fort Madison Stockyards

    A little more than a year ago, modeler Ed Gabrielse began his project to scratch-build a one-of-a-kind historical model of the operation of the Fort Madison Stockyards in Madison, Iowa. Ed had to scratch-build every piece of his super-scene and this was no small, easy task. "There are few if any photos of the Fort Madison Stock Yards," explained Ed. "I guess it wasn't the most attractive subject for photographs." However, with some help from the North Lee County Historical Society, a set of old blueprints supplied by a former Santa Fe employee and other supporters who took interest in his project. Ed has since completed his model and sent us a copy of the historical narrative he published. His pictorial chronicles the processes and regulations followed by the Santa Fe Railroad to load, contain, feed and other wise care for the animals during the long hours of shipping them to their destination. The stars of Ed's scene are more than 200 of Woodland Scenics Scenic Accents Cows. Check it will find the full publication and more photos.