1:24 Oregon Logging Operation

    My wife Molly and I are first-time modelers, and this is our first project. We have been gathering information on two projects for years because it ties directly into family history, as my father was born in Hammond Oregon. This project is based on the Camp 18 Logging Museum at Elsie, Oregon. The museum has erected a 120-foot spar pole with a Heel Boom. Our layout is designed to accurately represent this log loading operation at a scale of 1:24.

    We took some liberties with the surrounding terrain because this "setup" would normally be out in the forest. Our model is what I would describe as static, however all of the rigging is functional. The Donkey is also static and based on the Willamette-Humboldt design. The train component is based on the typical Baldwin 2-4-2T Locomotive that would have been in these woods and owned by the Hammond Lumber Company.

    It should be noted that we learned all of our (scenery modeling) techniques by watching the videos on the Woodland Scenics website. Very easy to follow. About 80% of the products on the board are your products.

    Our second project will be much larger - a Civilian Conservation Corps camp in in Nehalem Oregon. My father's family was very poor but he was eligible for the CCC. He and his brother were sent to two different camps and my father ended up at Camp Nehalem which housed the Company 2908.