N Scale - Kitbashing a Backwoods Garage

    You may want to clue people into the fact that on the Fill'er Up & Fix'er, you can separate the garage portion from the gas station. I did in N scale and my buddy did one in HO. You can see how nice the garage on its own works as a back woods West Virginia type mechanics garage! Plus, you can see your Harrison's and if you look closely you'll see the corner pool hall too.

    I saw the HO Scale Country Store Expansion and have my fingers crossed you will do it in N Scale soon. My hobby shop - Moose Caboose got one HO Scale (Country Store Expansion) a couple weeks ago...just a day or two later it was already sold and gone. He has since gotten more. I have all of your current N Scale (Built-&-Ready) Structures on my layout and love them.