Model mountains, valleys, hills, waterways and any other type of earth contour in any geographic area with spectacular results. Each Terrain System product includes easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions.
Understructure & Formation A complete system of products that work together to build lightweight understructure that models mountains, valleys, waterways, caves and any other land surface feature.
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Plasters There is a plaster for any application - a plaster- infused, easy-to-apply cloth; plaster soft enough to carve; textured plaster; super-strong plaster; and another to allow for extended working time.
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Rock Molds, Ready Rocks, Custom & Debris Model any rock from anywhere. Cast or carve your own; install ready-to-go; hand-painted rocks; and pile debris under rock faces and along road cuts.
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Pigments Color terrain, rocks and plaster castings realistically with Undercoat Pigments and Earth Colors™ Liquid Pigment. They are more realistic than paint, highly concentrated for economical usage and available in eight colors.
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Portals, Culverts & Retaining Walls Tunnel Portals, Retaining Walls, Culverts, and Roads reinforce natural terrain contours and add functionality, realism and interest to your layout.
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Road System The road system offers every material you need to build and stripe paved roads and parking lots. Add grade crossings and model sidewalks and gravel roads.
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Tools & Adhesives Tested for performance and quality, Terrain System Tools and Adhesives make it fast and easy to build your terrain.

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