Grand Valley Down Under

    This is my Grand Valley Layout Kit with a rural 1900s British branch line theme. There is emphasis on four big companies in particular, but also some 1950s stock as well from the BR period.

    This is my first layout, and it has been an ongoing learning experience, since I started construction in June of 2010. I have been building the layout on a strict budget, hence why it's taken nearly six years to complete.

    Throughout my journey, my family and friends have spoken of the authenticity and detail of which I've put into this layout with Woodland Scenics products and other scenic materials. I'm really confident in myself to construct a much bigger layout in the future.

    The layout is called Mount Oxfordshire, and the location modeled is centered around the South West mostly with a bit of midlands thrown in there as well. I've used Skaledale Resin buildings from Hornby for the town to give a more British theme with the industrial town of Stanleyshire made up of resin and card buildings from Metacalfe.

    The track is code 83 Atlas HO scale and signals will be of lower quadrant origin from Peco. Stock includes mostly steam locomotives which include a 7F No. 53808, a 4MT class tank engine, an N class Mogul, an A3 Flying Scotsman, a GWR Hall and a GWR King class loco. Passenger stock includes BR Southern, Western & London Midland Regional stock. GWR stock and Pullman stock. This is alongside several mineral wagons and other stock of that nature.