Trees add life, realism, texture and perspective to layouts, dioramas, displays or any project. The more variety in types and colors, the more realistic your scenery will look. Choose from a wide variety of tree types available in all shapes, sizes and colors. Mix, match and blend multiple varieties, colors and textures for superior realism. Place them ready made, or make them yourself with plastic or metal armatures and a variety of available foliages. Use several available options to economically model any tree or forested area.
Ready-Made No assembly required! Natural colors and realistic textures blend with other Woodland Scenics landscape products. Plant in clusters and intermix foliage colors or place an ornamental beauty.
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Tree Kits Tree kits offer the modeler great versatility and include plastic or metal armatures. A variety of foliages create trees of any size, shape, color and type, deciduous or conifer.
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Tree Armatures And Foliage Mix and match a variety of armatures and foliage types in endless combinations to model any tree, any species, deciduous or conifer. Model dense forests or create individual trees.
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