Tree Armatures And Foliage

Mix and match a variety of armatures and foliage types in endless combinations to model any tree, any species, deciduous or conifer. Model dense forests or create individual trees.
Tree Armatures Bendable and realistically textured plastic trunks. Includes base pin for planting and optional base for temporary placement.
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Fine-Leaf Foliage Use the fine leaf detail to model exquisite trees, bushes, saplings, shrubs and hedges.
Poly Fiber Synthetic fiber used to create tree foliage and/or vines, undergrowth and other trailing vegetation.
Foliage Clusters Use on hillsides to model tree masses, bushes, shrubs and other high ground cover.
Foliage Presents a thin, lacy effect. Create quick and economical tree masses on your layout.
Clump-Foliage Mix and match with other foliage to model medium to model large ground covers, create variation in trees, shrubs, bushes and landscape hillsides.
Bushes Models medium to high ground cover, such as bushes, shrubs and trees, and is the perfect product to make medium to large trees.
Underbrush Models low-to-medium ground cover, such as bushes, trees and shrubs, and to make small to medium trees.

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