HO Scale - Scene Setting is Main Theme

    I used to have trains as a boy and when I went off to college, my parents decided to lend them to family. They were never returned in good condition, just bits and pieces, so I decided that one day I would like to create a railway. I retired in June of 2008 and started working on my (4 x 8 HO) layout. Went to a model store to get ideas and saw your product, which I liked. Started with a few items since I wanted to make a city and a few States in such small space...created an orange grove and a farmhouse...then worked on houses... (and) streets, which...had to be occupied by people.

    The town had a residential area where the population did lawn work, washed cars, played ball, and of course, had parties. My grandchildren, 5 and 7, started to show interest so we had to have a car show with the cars from Cars, a playground, and swimming pool...Created a summer beach and a fall one; with swimmers versus canoe and surf fishing in between. My grandchildren and I love the beach and I am teaching them how to catch a whopper. What is Fall without football and a community without a park and jogging path? Checkers, horseshoes, a band and food vendors followed thanks to Woodland. My daughter loves camping so two camping sites. Kite flying was too neat of a product not to purchase and of course we needed auto mechanics to help out those in distress.

    That is what is so neat about your product. I hope to share model railroading with my granddaughters in the future and plan to expand to the desert and wilderness. I know Woodland will give me many options.