N Scale Collector Now Modeler

    Thank you Woodland Scenics!! I've been a N scale modeler, in the sense that I collected stuff for probably 20 years now, with hope of one day building a layout. I've finally started by building a oNeTRAK module. I purchased some of your ballast and found great results, then it came to scenicking everything else on the board... I consulted the hobby shop clerk and he recommended buying your company's book on scenery. I'm glad I did, it opened up a whole new world in modeling. I am most appreciative of the fine foliage product, it's been a Godsend in recreating what I thought would be the most difficult Midwestern foliage to reproduce as I hadn't seen it done anywhere else.... see the pictures. I'm hoping to build up my module with similar tree/brush structures which should do a great job mimicking the real world. I don't think the clump foliage could yield the same results in 1:160. Thank You for such a wonderful product line, you've found a lifetime customer!