HO Scale - One Module at a Time

    Missouri modeler Thomas Trotter uses Woodland Scenics Turfs, Foliage, Field Grass and other scenery materials to make his dioramas, and was kind enough to share some of his photos. He models individual sections of his dream layout, currently drawn in magic markers on brown butcher paper. Thomas says he "does not currently have the space to build a regular layout...but someday!!!!" So, he is building it piece by piece. "Each section has a base, which is removable...when I build the sectional layout, they are designed to drop into place."

    You might note that Thomas is one heck of a scratch builder/kitbasher and those skills are demonstrated in the photo of an old Mantua 2-6-6-2 logger engine. "I totally dissembled it, installed a new motor, then kitbashed it and super detailed it with everything I could think of (had several reference books at my elbow) to make it totally souped-up and unique. It took six months to build and custom paint."

    We hope Thomas will keep us up-to-date on his module-making, and we will add any additional photos that he shares with us in the future. Thanks for sharing, Thomas.