We want to hear about your modeling successes! Email your story and send us some photos.

Eat My Dust!

in Spain

Here is a photo that a modeler from Spain sent in to show us how he used Poly Fiber, food dye and hairspray to model a cloud of dust! Genius!

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Bonsai-sized Dioramas

Raymond Kelley in San Diego California

Raymond Kelley creates these incredible, tiny dioramas using several types of Woodland Scenics products.

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Ambush at Brown's Mill Creek

Michael P. French, PhD, Director Graduate Education, Lourdes University in Sylvania Ohio

This is another Civil War Diorama by Michael French. He completed it in the Fall of 2008 and it is now on display at the American Civil War Museum of Ohio in Tiffin, Ohio.

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Learning Kit Hooks Another Modeler

Mark Henrichs

To find out how I might like the hobby of model railroading, I decided to build a simple Woodland Scenics kit with scenery and water features similar to what I'd envisioned building as a layout.

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Tribute to Liberation

Rodrigo Sartori in Brazil

Rodrigo Satori, from Brazil, sent us this amazing WWII diorama portraying the liberation of Auschwitz. The detail is incredible and serves to set a very emotional scene.

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Bringing History Class to Life

Michael P French, PhD, Director Graduate Education, Lourdes University in Sylvania, Ohio

While working with teachers in NW Ohio, Michael French discovered the value of using historical dioramas to help students visualize aspects of history in historical fiction.

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Steam Engine Diorama

Marcelo Luz in Brazil

Marcelo Luz sent these photos of the diorama he created to display his steam locomotive and rolling stock.

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Cold Winter Wind

Stan F

Stan has a great technique to share for applying Field Grass to winter dioramas, not only to model long, dead winter grasses, but to actually provide the illusion of a cold, brisk wind.

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Dry Sink Diorama

Carol Bowman in Lodi, WI

With the help of your wonderful, informational website and educated staff members, I was able to create this beautiful scene in the well of my antique dry sink.

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Dioramas of Historic Battles

Mark Lowenthal in Reston, Virginia

Mark Lowenthal has been collecting historical figures for many years and recently began modeling scenic dioramas to give them some historical context.

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Patricia Sowinski - Toronto, Canada

Patricia Sowinski

Patricia Sowinski used the Woodland Scenics products she sells in her hobby shop to make some really interesting in-store displays.

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Battle of the Bulge Diorama

M. Goodman

This is the "Battle of the Bulge" diorama. I used the winter kit, the water kit, the rock kit and the Plaster cloth kit to make this.

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Imagine Gardens Diorama

Jo Birzes

The theme is "Imagine Gardens" with a Victorian style train station being turned into a tourist center for the garden. We are still working on the station.

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First Time Diorama Builder - Wow!

Scott Wheeler

The garage was my first diorama and the first time using your product. All the foliage is from Woodland Scenics. I found out I really like doing the groundwork, that's where the fun for me is now.

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