Learning Kit Hooks Another Modeler

    To find out how I might like the hobby of model railroading, I decided to build a simple Woodland Scenics kit with scenery and water features similar to what I'd envisioned building as a layout. This would help me focus on learning the techniques, and the kit instructions would give me the step-by-step guidance I'd need as a beginner. I figured I could use the kit as a "playground" for experimenting with some of the many cool techniques and ideas I've been reading about, to expand the kit beyond the mundane.

    I chose the Woodland Scenics N-Scale SubTerrain Scenery Kit. For the water features, I also used the River/Waterfall Learning Kit. The attached photos show the results of my first-time venture into this hobby.

    So to answer my own question "Can I do it?" to my own satisfaction, I can give a resounding "yes!" This simple miniature scene provided me with many enjoyable and stress-relieving hours, a chance to learn and experiment with lots of techniques, and launched me into a hobby I know I can enjoy for years! More photos are available on my web site


    The home page also includes a link to an expanded, downloadable & printable PDF document showing construction details.