First Time Diorama Builder - Wow!

    The garage was my first diorama and the first time using your product. All the foliage is from Woodland Scenics. I started building in Jr. High, pretty much did nothing but WW2 war birds. Then after building every Monogram war bird they made, I went to armor. I did all the weird ones first, then the rest. When my son was born, that ended that. After he moved out and joined the Navy, all of a sudden I had all this spare time and what's this...extra money??? After a 20 yr. hiatus, I'm 56, a little bit slower from injuries, but thank God I still have some patience after raising a child as a single parent.

    I found the Web Forum "" and started reading and then started participating, this is really a great forum, a good bunch of guys. That got the juices flowing again. I've never done a diorama before, just made the kits and put them on a shelf.

    The first draft was about 12 inches square. Then I added this and I wanted to try that and the next thing I knew, it was 30 in by 24 in. I usually do take on more than I can chew, but I just started in one corner and went from there. I found out I really like doing the groundwork, that's where the fun for me is now.

    The scale is 1/24th and yes, I've had fun showing off the pictures on my iPhone, especially the one looking down into the garage, after a few moments they ask 'how in the heck did you take that picture. The roof is gone??'

    The red chest and Valvoline tub came from an accessory kit, the tubs had to be assembled and decals put on. The tool chest was already red but clean as a whistle. The trashcan came empty and unpainted. It is all the added details and shading with paint and dusting powders that sets them off.

    The diorama called The Bump is my second diorama, also known as "A man's castle can be anywhere."