Dry Sink Diorama

    With the help of your wonderful, informational website and educated staff members, I was able to create this beautiful scene in the well of my antique dry sink. I had never done anything like this before. It was really a challenge, but well worth the research, planning, and time spent, and I am very happy with the results.

    I live on Lake Wisconsin in a rural area of Lodi, Wisconsin, where fishing is great! My inspiration for the project was the purchase of a Fishing Shack, which was sold as a birdhouse (thus the ship's wheel at the peak of the roof) at a local dollar store.

    The wheel is a popsicle stick cut lengthwise, a paper clip made round and wrapped in burlap twine with a gold thumb tack in the middle. My dry sink houses a ceramic winter village during winter months and previously housed a Wisconsin farm scene during summer. After purchasing the shack, I went online to search for other buildings and things to put with it, and found the Woodland Scenics website.

    The wheel started turning. I visited the website many, many times to learn how to do things. Your site is fabulous and inspired me. All of the "how-to videos" got me thinking, I can do this! The furniture was purchased at a local hardware store greenhouse section for fairy garden material.

    Total time involved was about 6 weeks of preparation, talking with my sister who also contributed in putting the scene together. We had a great time creating and we are gratified with the results. Thanks again to all involved with Woodland Scenics. This would not have happened without you.