Dioramas of Historic Battles

    Many, many years ago (1972) I began thinking about doing a diorama of Waterloo. I collected and collected figures, postponed many times, and then finally set about doing it. This was relatively easy -- relatively flat, grass, some bushes. So, after doing a lot of research I settled on Woodlands Scenics products. They seemed to be the right ones and I very much appreciated all of the helpful videos. This turned out well, so I used Woodlands Scenics products from time to time for small things -- a little bit of ground cover, some bushes, etc. A friend introduced me to a new line of figures and I came up with the diorama of a clash between the Vikings and the Skraelings (the term used by the Vikings to reference the Indians in Vinland), which is based on events that did happen. The Vikings did record battles with the Indians. So, this time I went for more terrain: rocks, trees, water, waterfall. I very much enjoyed doing it -- again, the videos were great and your products are so easy to work with. This is the first diorama in which I have tried [modeling] extensive terrain. The terrain is a bit crude but this was my first experience. Now I just have to improve my skills.