Bonsai-sized Dioramas

    Raymond Kelley creates these incredible, tiny dioramas using several types of Woodland Scenics products. When complete they measure about 4 to 6 inches in diameter and feature a number of our foliage products, Realistic Water, trees and Scenic Accents. He sculpts his diorama bases out of air-dry clay, fills them with foam and layers it with plumber's putty to sculpt the ground terrain. Once dry, he applies Scenic Glue and then layers on various Turf colors. He then uses a combination of miscellaneous Woodland Scenics trees, Fine Leaf foliage and handmade trees to landscape his scene. Raymond uses a permanent marker and isopropyl alcohol to color the Realistic Water he uses to create his water features. "When I first began creating these miniature scenes, I was unaware of Woodland Scenics products and used some scenery materials I found at a craft store," said Raymond. "They just weren't realistic enough. I was very happy when I discovered Woodland Scenics, and have purchased many of your products over the years"