Cold Winter Wind

    Stan has a great technique to share for applying Field Grass to his winter diorama, not only to model long, dead winter grasses, but to actually provide the illusion of a cold, brisk wind.

    I found this product useful in portraying winter dioramas, where the wispy nature of the product can be posed to portray a struggle against the elements.

    I used hairspray and a hair dryer to pose a few strands glued together in a wind-bent fashion. The strands are very thin, but I would suggest minimizing the bundled look in winter portrayals. The random stalks hugging a fence post or clinging to the side of a rock looks natural in such a state. This product is labor intensive when planting in an un-bundled pose, but the results when used to portray a stark and minimalist environment is excellent. It adds a lot to a winter diorama.

    The photos show the use of the grass in a stark winter landscape, posing Trumpeter's 1/35 Soviet Aerosan armored sled in my first (currently working on my second) diorama.

    Thank you for the interest shown in the usage of your products and your desire for satisfaction in your customers. As I viewed the many (YouTube video) clips provided by Woodland Scenics, this was my strongest impression: that this company cares about their products, and that they care that the customer obtains good results and are thus satisfied. As Martha Stewart says, "This is a good thing."