Making a Scene

We want to hear about your modeling successes! Email your story and send us some photos.

CNW Train Yard Finally Lighted!

Adam Bunker

The pictures show the use of your new Just Plug Lights. We wanted to have overhead lights in our CNW yard for many years and now we do.

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You've Been Warned!

William Casper

I rely on Woodland Scenics to "set the scene" and make my models more than just another model railroad layout.

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An O scale Helping Hand

Darin Larabee in Apple Valley, Minnesota

"What if our world and the model train world could interact with each other? Something like this could happen."

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Just Another Day in the Shop

Darin Larabee in Apple Valley, Minnesota

Day in and day out 24/7, locomotive shop workers keep these behemoths maintained and running to pull the nation's freight across short and vast distances.

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"Bearly" a Surprise!

Gordon Peterson in Springfield, VA

These climbers will get the surprise of their life when they reach the rock wall summit!

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Mirror Image?

John Hemsath in Bay Village, OH

Take a close look at the upper left corner of this scene. While life happens in this downtown scene on RR Ave., two similar 'color schemes' are about to turn the proverbial corner!

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Get Your Kicks on Route 66

Lucio A. Maggio in Italy

This couple gets some help with a flat tire in the parking lot of an old Route 66 diner.

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Scenic Illusion

Doug Nelson

Serene setting on a river of Realistic Water. Notice the perfect combination of this scene with a background, setting up the illusion of the canoers' destination.

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Quiet Realism

Scott Wheeler in Washington State

There's no action in this 1/24th scale scene, but you just know it is a matter of time before the car's owner settles in for an afternoon of working on restoring this sweet ride!

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Farm Scene

Toy Tractor Times

A toy tractor enthusiast used our Gravel product to make this very realistic farm scene. The gravel helped the modeler make a very realistic muddy slick in this winter scene.

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Trackside Recreation

Jay A. Friedman

I'm halfway through my first N gauge project based entirely on Woodland Scenics products.

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