Just Another Day in the Shop

    Scene caption: "The smell of diesel exhaust hangs in the air, men shout questions and answers back and forth echoing off the cavernous walls, the sharp clang of a tool being dropped followed by a well pronounced swear word are all part of the daily life of a working locomotive shop. Day in and day out 24/7, locomotive shop workers keep these behemoths maintained and running to pull the nation's freight across short and vast distances."

    "Being a train modeler in HO and 2-Rail O Scale, I have come to know and love your products! Currently, I'm in the process of planning an HO modular, continuous running shelf layout. Just because it's in the planning process doesn't stop me from still modeling. Until my layout starts taking shape, I like to create temporary scenes that tell a story. I had one pop into my head this last spring and within a couple hours I had set it up, shot it and took it back down. Your Scenic Accent figures were the stars of the show! Without them I had a very bland story, if any at all."

    Darin answered our Facebook post, in which we requested modelers to send in photos of interesting scenes they had modeled. He sent us this one in both black/white and color. Darin is also quite the accomplished railfan photographer. You can see some of the amazing shots he has taken at http://ddl-photography.deviantart.com