Modeling Tips & Techniques

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What? No Pies?

Phil Gardner in Eastbourne, England

I was preparing my On30 Hendricksville layout module to go to a local exhibition this weekend when I looked at the field of cows and thought something was missing.

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Realistic Pine Trees

Chuck West in Heidelberg, Germany

Chuck West shared his innovative idea for beefing up the Woodland Scenics Pine Tree Armatures to make more realistic trees.

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Field Grass Blowing in Wind

Stan F

Stan has a great technique to share for applying Field Grass to winter dioramas, not only to model long, dead winter grasses, but to actually provide the illusion of a cold, brisk wind.

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Model Ice Blocks Easily

George Yurick

I have seen 'ice blocks' made by other manufacturers but those made with your Water Effects look more realistic and have the shiny, wet-looking surface of ice.

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Adding Heavy Rocks to Steep Hillside

John Besser

John Besser has a tip for how to add heavy rocks to vertical surfaces.

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