Fine Turf

Add texture and highlights to trees, grasses, foliage and other ground covers. Six realistic colors model fresh, scorched and dying grasses, moss, weeds and dirt roads. Attach with Scenic Cement™. Purchase The Complete Guide to Model Scenery for additional information about how to use the Landscape System.

One 21.6 in3 (353 cm3) Bag covers approximately 2,000 in2 or 14 ft2 (130 dm2)
One 57.7 in3 (945 cm3) Shaker covers approximately 5,342 in2 or 37 ft2 (343 dm2)
One 208 in3 (3.4 dm3) Value Size covers approximately 19,259 in2 or 133 ft2 (1,235 dm2)
Coverage area depends on usage

Particle size is approximately 1/1000 in - 1/32 in (0.025 mm - 0.79 mm)