Learn to model any body of water. Easily add realistic lakes, ponds, waterfalls and rivers to any layout with water products that are safe and thoroughly tested for quality results.

Quick Tips for Modeling Waterfalls Learn some quick and easy tips for using Water Effects to make and place a waterfall and frothy rapids on model scenery.

Use Realistic Water Learn the secret to modeling lakes, rivers, ponds and other water areas using Woodland Scenics Realistic Water.

Prepare & Color a Water Area Learn to prepare and color a model scenery water area easily and create an illusion of depth.

ReadyGrass® Water Kit Use the Water Kit to model a 28 square inch area. Create a lake, pond, shoreline, river, or other type of water feature using Realistic Water and simple tools.

Model Water Areas Watch Matt and Trevor as they show you how to model realistic water features on your layout.

Winter Modeling Tips & Techniques Learn to model a winter wonderland that includes drifting snow, snow topped trees, frozen ponds and streams, icicles, other ice-like features and more!

Modeling Waterfalls Learn to model realistic waterfalls of various types and sizes.

Water System Overview Video revealing how simple it is to work with the new Water System products.

Water Undercoats Seal and Color Your Base When Modeling Water

Surface Waters Create Movement Effects When Modeling Water

White Water Highlight Create White Water Foam and Froth When Modeling Water

Dust Dabber® Keep Hard Surfaces On Your Scale Models Clean

Deep Pour Water™ Murky Create Depth When Modeling Water

Deep Pour Water™ Clear Create Depth When Modeling Water Features

Realistic Water™ Simple No Mix Solution for Modeling Water Features

Water Tints Tint Water When Modeling Water for Your Layouts

How To Use Deep Pour Water™ Clear & Murky Learn to use the Deep Pour Clear and Murky water products along with the new Water Volume Estimator app on our website.

How to Use Water Undercoat™ To Seal and Color Your Plaster Base Learn to seal and color your plaster base with Water Undercoats by Woodland Scenics.

How To Use White Water Highlight™ Learn to use White Water Highlight to create foam and froth on your water feature layout.

How To Create Rippling Water Learn how to use Water Ripples to create motion and movement effects in your model layouts from Woodland Scenics.

How To Create Motion With Water Waves Learn to create soft or crashing waves in this informative video on Water Waves.

How to Use Water Tints Learn to use Water Tints from Woodland to color water features.

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