Scenery Mixed Media

    Chuck West has always been interested in art and blessed with a natural talent. When he was a young man, he learned how to paint oil landscapes by watching Bob Ross on the Public Broadcasting Service television show The Joy of Painting.

    From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania originally, Chuck joined the Army at nineteen and was stationed in Germany. He currently lives in Heidelberg with his wife and children and works as an Army Department of Defense Civilian. Chuck has continued to paint throughout his life and recently found a new way to enjoy his hobby.

    After purchasing a Woodland Scenics product in a German hobby shop, a curious Chuck checked out our website to see what else we offered. "After visiting your site, I happened to get the idea to join a painted canvas background with a foreground of self-sculpted foam to create depth. Then, I added landscape to create a three dimensional piece of art. I have never seen this style of combination done by an artist."

    Chuck was so thrilled with the results that he sent us some photos. When we asked him if we could post them to the Customer Success section of our website along with other examples of dioramas, he was surprised. "Believe it or not, I didn't know what a diorama was," Chuck said. "I had never heard the term. Now I know, and I'm anxious to make more. Winter has been a great motivator to create inside, while waiting for spring."

    Inspired by his travels throughout Europe, Chuck began painting European landscapes, adding a three-dimensional scenery extension to his artwork. He has been known to use some interesting materials. "I built these castle ruins with your products, but used empty toilet paper rolls to build the castle towers." Now how creative is that?!

    We have added Chuck's latest Jungle diorama and we look forward to having Chuck send us photos of the dioramas he completes in the future.