HO Scale - WWII Layout

    Take a look at Steve Arnold's WWII layout. He sure has captured the war-torn realism of northwest Europe. His battered scratch built structures are amazingly realistic and he has set some very interesting scenes with intricate detail! Thanks for sharing, Steve!

    I've been modeling from an early age, mostly self taught but picking up the odd tip from time to time. I now feel confident to show some of my stuff...hope you like what you see made possible with the help of Woodland Scenics Products...I'm 43 years old and have been modeling for as long as I can remember, starting with a box of soldiers at about the age of about 4-5years old...it just took off from that. As I got older and able to afford materials, then it really began to look like serious model making.

    My main interest is model wargaming...the locomotives used in this diorama are actually British trains, city of Truro built 1912 and the Evening star unfortunately built after the war so is historically incorrect to the keen train enthusiast but to the rest of us a train is a train. The table we use to set up all my scenery is 16' x 4' but are made to interconnect so if all fitted together the actual size would be about double. My scenery covers just about all terrain type typically seen from woods, fields, rivers and streams to small towns all built with the time-period of 1939 to 45.

    The discovery of Woodland Scenics products only came to me in the last 10 years or so and has made a huge impact...having seen the results, some of my older scenery has been revamped using scatters of better quality from your company.

    The model is an ongoing project...just recently incorporating a railway into it. Although the railway is not a running layout all the other detail is here with a view that one day it may become a running model layout. All the buildings are scratch built from plasticard...trees made from twigs found, then branches drilled, pins fitted inside then fitted to main tree trunk. Many of the soldier figures have also been altered by changing legs, arms etc from their original stances to make look more individual.