Marie Fiore Boca Raton, Florida

    I just wanted to let you know how wonderful my project came out due to your products. I build 1:12 dollhouses and I built a lighthouse and cottage on a rocky cliff. I used several of your products in the construction of my display. I have posted several pictures on line and have gotten so many compliments on my landscaping. I had a lot of fun making the rocks after getting over the fear of not knowing how to use everything. I have NEVER made a landscape for any of my other houses. I never even used a mold before!

    Quite honestly, I was petrified to even start. I would sit and look at this massive job for days. Days turned into weeks, then months. Finally, I just opened a roll of Plaster Cloth, took a deep breath and put it in some water. I was really surprised, and pleased at how EASY all the products were to use. I did refer to your site many times to watch the how-to videos (please make some more for dollhouse people).

    I was done within two weeks. I did make some mistakes (too much pigment not enough water on a rock) but even THAT was very easy to correct. Just amazing.

    Thank you sooooooooo much...I have several on-line friends who are always looking for landscaping material that DOES NOT LOOK CHEESY. We wind up making things ourselves, or spend a fortune on one tree. We need a good supply of trees, bushes, grass, flowers, and such. You have all that and more. At a decent price to boot. Thanks again.