Grand Valley HO Scale Layout Kit (US Only)

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  • Description

    Grand Valley includes the terrain and landscape materials necessary to build a 4' x 8' (121 cm x 243 cm) HO scale lightweight layout. Risers and Inclines/Declines create hills, mountains and low-lying areas. Foam Sheets make flat, elevated areas for towns and buildings. Plaster Cloth creates a hard terrain covering. Make and install rocks, add roads, tunnel portals and culverts. The sturdy, completed layout needs no plywood base or additional structural support. Build an easy display with Square Module Kit Stands.

    Layout shown completed with companion product, City and Industry Building Set™ (S1486).

    Track not included. Click Contents for a complete list of included materials.

    Colors may vary from actual product.

    Click here for updated Track Plan

  • Kit includes:

    • 4 Printed Foam Base Panels - 1/2 in x 24 in x 48 in (1.27 cm x 60.9 cm x 121 cm)
    • 9 Printed Profile Boards - 8 in x 48 in (20.3 cm x 121 cm)
    • 5 Profile Boards - 8 in x 48 in (20.3 cm x 121 cm)
    • 4 Profile Board Connectors - 8 in x 3 in (20.3 cm x 7.62 cm)
    • 5 - Foam Sheets 1/2 in x 12 in x 24 in (1.27 cm x 30.4 cm x 60.9 cm)
    • 6 - Foam Sheets 1/4 in x 12 in x 24 in (6.35 mm x 30.4 cm x 60.9 cm)
    • 4 Risers - 1 in x 2 1/2 in x 24 in (2.54 cm x 6.35 cm x 60.9 cm)
    • 19 Risers - 2 in x 2 1/2 in x 24 in (5.08 cm x 6.35 cm x 60.9 cm)
    • 8 - 4% Incline/Decline pieces - 2 1/2 in x 24 in (6.35 cm x 60.9 cm)
    • 2 - 0 in to 1 in h (0 - 2.54 cm)
    • 4 - 1 in to 2 in h (2.54 to 5.08 cm)
    • 2 - 2 in to 3 in h (5.08 to 7.62 cm)
    • 1 Black Foam Pencil
    • 2 Track-Bed HO Scale Rolls 24' (7.31 m)
    • 4 Tunnel Portals (Cut Stone - C1253)
    • 6 Cast Road Inclines
    • 75 - 2 in Foam Nails
    • 6 Plaster Cloth Rolls - 8 in x 30 ft, 20 ft2 (20.3 cm x 914 cm, 1.85 m2) each
    • 2 Rock Molds (Random Rock - C1234, Facet Rock - C1244)
    • Lightweight Hydrocal® - 2 lbs (907 g)
    • Smooth-It - 1.5 lbs (680 g)
    • Earth Undercoat - 4 fl oz (118 mL)
    • Earth Colors Liquid Pigment - 0.676 fl oz (19.9 mL) each
    • Top Coat Asphalt - 1.84 fl oz (54.4 mL)
    • Top Coat Concrete - 1.84 fl oz (54.4 mL)
    • 1 Paving Tape Roll (includes Spreader) - 1/4 in x 1 1/16 in x 30 ft (6.35 mm x 1.58 mm)
    • Black Tunnel Paint - 1.84 fl oz (54.4 mL)
    • Gray Base Paint - 12 fl oz (354 mL)
    • 42 Deciduous Tree Armatures - 3 in - 7 in (7.62 cm - 17.7 cm)
    • 24 Conifer Tree Armatures - 2.5 in - 6 in (6.35 cm - 15.2 cm)
    • Green Blend Blended Turf - 64.9 in3 (1.06 dm3)
    • Earth Fine Turf - 28.8 in3 (471 cm3)
    • Soil Fine Turf - 7.21 in3 (118 cm3)
    • Burnt Grass Fine Turf - 7.21 in3 (118 cm3)
    • Yellow Grass Fine Turf - 3.6 in3 (58.9 cm3)
    • Medium Green Coarse Turf - 32.4 in3 (530 cm3)
    • Conifer Green Clump-Foliage - 64.9 in3 (1.06 dm3)
    • Dark Green Clump-Foliage - 54.1 in3 (886 cm3)
    • Medium Green Clump-Foliage - 151 in3 (2.47 dm3)
    • Medium Green Clump-Foliage - 50.5 in3 (827 cm3)
    • Light Green Clump-Foliage - 54.1 in3 (886 cm3)
    • Buff Fine Ballast - 5.41 in3 (88.6 cm3)
    • Buff Medium Ballast - 61.3 in3 (1 dm3)
    • Buff Fine/Medium Talus - 10.8 in3 (176 cm3)
    • Harvest Gold Field Grass - 1 g (0.03 oz)
    • Scenic Cement Concentrate - 16 fl oz (473 mL)
    • 1 Scenic Sprayer
    • Foam Tack Glue - 16 fl oz (473 mL)
    • Hob-e-Tac® Adhesive - 3 fl oz (88.7 mL)
    • 1 Foam Pad Applicator
    • 1 Plastic Cup w/ Sifter Lid
    • 1 Stir Stick
    • Tunnel Portal Pattern
    • Instructions
  • Model Scenery Made Easy

    Watch and learn! This comprehensive video was produced to teach all modelers, from beginner to expert, the simple secrets of creating realistic model scenery, from building the base to creating terrain, landscaping and finishing details.

  • Made in the USA

    Made In The USA Woodland is committed to a business practice, which supports the economy of our local community.

    We manufacture the vast majority of our products at our Linn Creek, Missouri manufacturing plant, which also houses our product development, package and creative design, marketing, sales and customer service operations.

    Many of the products or parts of the products we manufacture overseas, come back home for packaging and shipping by Woodland employees.

    When you purchase Woodland Quality Brands, you support American manufacturing working in balance with a global economy to support American jobs.

    Safety Warning

    -Model making product. Not a toy! Not suitable for children under 14 years!

    -Produit pour le modélisme. Pas un jouet! Pas adapté aux enfants de moins de 14 ans!

    -Producto para modelismo. No es un juguete! No adecuado para niños menores de 14 años!

    -Modellbauartikel. Kein Spielzeug! Nicht geeigent für Kinder unter 14!

    CAUTION: Tools recommended. Use with care.

    ASTM Certified

    Woodland Quality Brands is committed to manufacturing superior quality, safety-tested products. All of our modeling materials are evaluated by a Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Approved Toxicologist to ensure they meet the standards for art materials set out by ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) International, if applicable. "ASTM International, formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), is a globally recognized leader in the development and delivery of international voluntary consensus standards. Today, some 12,000 ASTM standards are used around the world to improve product quality, enhance safety, facilitate market access and trade, and build consumer confidence." For more information about ASTM International, visit

    • Can the Layout Kits be altered to a diffrent scale?

      Yes, more experienced modelers can adapt the Layout Kits to another scale. A new track plan will need to be configured, and some items including, Portals and Culverts may not be the correct size for your scale. You may want to consider using the Mod-U-Rail System. 

    • Can I use track other than Atlas with HO Grand Valley Layout Kit?

      This is possible, but requires designing a new track plan and reconfiguring the layout of the Risers and Inclines/Declines.

      The track plan for the Grand Valley Layout Kit was designed using Atlas Code 83 Snap-Track.

    • I am building the Grand Valley and would like to run two trains on the same setup. Do you have any suggestions how that can be done?

      We do have some suggestions:

      Method #1 - Install and wire the track for "block " control. This requires a seperate power pack or transformer for each train and wiring a number of switches to determine which transformer has control of a train on a particular block of track. Block control is not expensive, nor is it difficult to install.

      Method #2 - Use a digital command control (DCC) system. DCC requires a more expensive electronics package, with corresponding decoders in your model train engines. A DCC system can be designed to control switches, lights, sounds and other operations.

      For expert, more detailed advice, you can research these topics via books, railroad magazines and Web sites. Local model railroading clubs are also a great resource.

    • How many Square Kit Stands are needed to support the Grand Valley Layout?

      Two Square Module Kit Stands are sufficient to support the Grand Valley Layout Kit.

    • Can track other than Atlas be used with your Layout Kits?

      We designed our Layout Kits to work with the Atlas Track. Atlas makes a high quality track that is easy to work with and great for beginners. We don't recommend a beginner trying to alter the kit by using another type of track. While it is possible, it will work better for someone already experienced with SubTerrain and track layouts. It requires designing a new track plan and reconfiguring the layout of the Risers and Inclines.

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