SubTerrain: Build A Layout Fast and Easy - DVD

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  • Description

    Learn to build a model railroad using the revolutionary Woodland Scenics SubTerrain Lightweight Layout System. Step-by-step, the DVD will show you the most convenient, lightweight way to create a durable hard shell or terrain base that easily accepts coloring, plaster castings and other landscape materials. Approximately 58 minutes.

  • SubTerrain Video Preview

    Build a Layout Fast and Easy

    Learn how to build a model railroad layout in five easy steps with the revolutionary SubTerrain Lightweight Layout System.

    • Can track other than Atlas be used with your Layout Kits?

      We designed our Layout Kits to work with the Atlas Track. Atlas makes a high quality track that is easy to work with and great for beginners. We don't recommend a beginner trying to alter the kit by using another type of track. While it is possible, it will work better for someone already experienced with SubTerrain and track layouts. It requires designing a new track plan and reconfiguring the layout of the Risers and Inclines.

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