SubTerrain Lightweight Layout System®


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  • Description

    The revolutionary SubTerrain Lightweight Layout System consists of lightweight foam components tool and adhesives especially designed to work together, providing beginner and experienced modelers with a simple way to build a lightweight layout.

    ST1490 - Floor display, white wire Merchandiser displays more than 30 different products and includes Knocker Test Board and reorder labels.

    ST1491 - Expansion Merchandiser has adjustable shelves, giving your SubTerrain Merchandiser room to grow. Use alone or with ST1490. Displays ST1492 or ST1497 Assortments.

    *Freight charges are based on your current qualifying order minimum. Merchandisers alone do not qualify for Free Goods. Your distributor is your source for pricing information and ordering.

    Due to the specialized needs of overseas requirements for transformers/plugs associated with use of the Hot Wire Foam Cutter, please see the appropriate Packing List for international accounts. Europe = ST1495EURO; UK = ST1495B; Australia or New Zealand = ST1495AUNZ

    • ST1490 - SubTerrain Merchandiser -

      32 1/2" w x 24" d x 88" h (82.5 cm x 60.9 cm x 223 cm).

      Displays Assortment ST1495.

      Net $400.00

      - $0.00
    • -------------------
    • ST1491 - SubTerrain Expansion Merchandiser -

      15 1/2" w x 24" d x 53" h (39.3 cm x 60.9 cm x 134 cm).

      Use with the ST1492 and/or ST1497 Assortments.

      Net $85.00

      - $85.00
    • -------------------
    • ST1492 - SubTerrain Expansion Assortment -

      1 to 4 ea of 7 SKUs.

      Corresponding Merchandiser ST1491.

      - $483.76
    • -------------------
    • ST1495 - SubTerrain Display Assortment -

      2 to 12 ea of 33 SKUs.

      Corresponding Merchandiser ST1490.

      - $2,170.34
    • -------------------
    • ST1497 - SubTerrain Project Foam Assortment -

      3 to 6 ea of 6 SKUs. Corresponding Merchandiser ST1491.

      - $399.69
    • -------------------
  • Building a Layout Overview