Drywell Inks - HO Scale Kit

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  • Description

    Set a busy ink manufacturing and distribution center along a layout spur. This mainstay business includes many details, such as ladders, barrels, awnings, roof vents, electric conduit, light fixtures, air conditioner, dry transfer detals and more! See photos for footprint.

    Vehicles, figures and landscape sold separately. Click Contents to view list of included materials.

    Colors may vary from actual product.

  • Kit includes:

    • 1 Street Level Freight Door
    • 5 Street Level Blank Walls
    • 1 Street Level Rect. Window
    • 1 Street Level Rect. Entry
    • 4 Dock Level Freight Doors
    • 3 Street Level Pilasters (sprues)
    • 7 One-Story Rect. Windows
    • 1 One-Story Blank Wall
    • 2 One-Story Pilasters (sprues)
    • 4 Cornices - Fancy (sprues)
    • 1 Entry Door (sprue)
    • 5 Window Sash (sprues)
    • 4 Dock Level Freight Door
    • 1 Street Level Freight Door
    • 1 Dock Walls & Pilasters (sprue)
    • 1 Parapet Trim, Inside Corner Strip & Assorted Vents & Hatches (sprue)
    • 1 Sheet Roof Material - 6" x 8 11/16" (15.2 cm x 22 cm)
    • 1 Sheet Dock Floor - 6" x 1 1/2" (15.2 cm x 3.81 cm)
    • 1 Sheet Clear Window Material - 5" x 5" (12.7 cm x 12.7 cm)
    • 1 Sheet Black Paper - 4 1/2" x 7 3/4" (11.4 cm x 19.7 cm)
    • 5 Awning Supports
    • 3 Awnings
    • 1 Rail and Stair
    • 1 Electrical Conduit
    • 6 Ladders
    • 1 Signboard
    • 4 Light Fixtures
    • 1 Air Conditioner
    • 14 Assorted Vents and Hatches
    • 1 Tank Cylinder
    • 1 Tank Top
    • 3 Pipes
    • 1 Tank Access Hatch
    • 2 Pipe Valves
    • 6 Barrels
    • 1 Stacked Barrel
    • Dry Transfer Decals
    • Instructions
  • Made in the USA

    Made In The USA Woodland is committed to a business practice, which supports the economy of our local community.

    We manufacture the vast majority of our products at our Linn Creek, Missouri manufacturing plant, which also houses our product development, package and creative design, marketing, sales and customer service operations.

    Many of the products or parts of the products we manufacture overseas, come back home for packaging and shipping by Woodland employees.

    When you purchase Woodland Quality Brands, you support American manufacturing working in balance with a global economy to support American jobs.

    Safety Warning

    -Model making product. Not a toy! Not suitable for children under 14 years!

    -Produit pour le modélisme. Pas un jouet! Pas adapté aux enfants de moins de 14 ans!

    -Producto para modelismo. No es un juguete! No adecuado para niños menores de 14 años!

    -Modellbauartikel. Kein Spielzeug! Nicht geeigent für Kinder unter 14!


    CAUTION: Cutting tool recommended. Use with care.

    MISE EN GARDE : Outil de coupe recommandé. Utilisation avec soin.

    PRECAUCIÓN: Herramienta cortante recomendada. Uso con cuidado.

    VORSICHT: Schneidwerkzeug empfohlen. Gebrauch sorgfältig.

    • How do I glue together metal castings?

      Always begin by washing the metal castings in warm, soapy water. Rinse well and let dry. This will remove any remaining mold release agent and allow the glue and paint to adhere better.

      Glue Metal Castings with fast-setting epoxy or cyanoacrylate adhesive (super glue).

      When using super glue, a good bond depends on surface contact. Super glue is not filler-type glue. Use sparingly, too much glue will make a poor bond. Apply a tiny drop onto one of the parts being glued, then hold parts together for about 10 seconds. For larger Castings, hold parts together and apply a small drop of glue where parts meet. Capillary action allows the glue to seep into the contact area, creating a strong bond.

      Allow glue to dry completely before moving to the next construction step.

      If the metal castings were painted prior to assembly, be sure to scrape paint off glue points.

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