Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are the footprints of the buildings that are in the River Pass Building Kit?

    Footprints of River Pass Building Kit buildings:RP1Big Deal Pawn2 3/4" w x 4 1/16" dRP2RP Volunteer Fire Dept.4 3/4" w x 4 3/4" dRP3Margaret's Market / Boot Repair2 3/4" w x 3 15/16" dRP4Dyden #36 11/16" w x 3 1/4" dRP5Main Street Apartments2 1/2" w x 4 1/4" dRP6RP Apartments2 1/2" w x 4 1/4" dRP7Dyden #26 3/32" w x 5 3/4" dRP8Floyd's Barbershop / Binder Book Shop4 1/4" w x 2 3/4" dRP9Rosie's / Antiques4 3/4" w x 3" dRP10Don's Hardware4 5/8" w x 3 5/8" dRP11Patriot Appliance3" w x 4 3/8" dRP12River's Hotel7 15/16" w x 2 3/4" dRP13Dyden #12 7/8" w x 4 13/16" dRP14Merl's Dry Goods3 1/16" w x 4 3/8" dRP15Dad's Museum2" w x 2 13/16" d

  • Can I use the Scenic Accents Glue outdoors?

    Our Scenic Accents Glue (A198) should not be used outdoors. It is not UV stable. 

  • My Realistic Water surface has indentations in it from a model barge that I placed on it. I want to be able to pick up the barge and move it. Is this not going to be possible?

    The Realistic Water is meant to stay flexible and pliable to discourage cracking. Therefore anything that is placed on the Realistic Water surface will leave a mark. Although, the Realistic Water is self-healing and the indentations may lift, the water surface will never be completely hard enough to place items on it without sticking. If indentations do not lift, pool denatured alcohol in the indentation and let it dry naturally. It may take a few applications for the indentation to self-level.

  • Can I cut just a portion of my realistic water out to put a boat into?

    Yes, a portion of dried Realistic Water can be cut out, but it should be done with care.

    Measure the area to be cut out, but make the cutout a bit smaller than the size measured. Using a hobby knife, make a clean cut into the Water. It is easier to cut out additional Realistic Water, than repair an area too large for the boat. Pry out the dried Realistic Water, slowly and carefully.

  • Should I use a wetting agent on my ballast before adhering with scenic cement?

    Scenic Cement™ (S191) contains a wetting agent, so it is not necessary to apply a separate agent prior to applying adhesive. Added water and alcohol will dilute the adhesive. 

    For a strong bond, shake bottle of Scenic Cement well and mist adhesive over Ballast, wetting the surface. Then, saturate Ballast with Scenic Cement using an eyedropper or the Scenic Sprayer™ (S192). Clean rails before use.

  • Do you have any ideas on how to do an Ancient Egyptian farming project?

    The first step in any project is to do research. Print or copy photos to use as a reference throughout the design and build process. Photos are a great tool to help visualize a finished diorama and stay on track while building it.

    Popular Scene-A-Rama products for constructing an Egyptian project are the Desert Oasis Diorama Kit (SP4112), Ripplin' Water Kit (SP4122) and Scene Setters - Egyptian Culture (SP4441). There are loads of helpful how-to videos and step-by-step, illustrated downloadable instructions on our website demonstrating how to use the products in various ways to build dioramas from start to finish. We also recommend the A+ Projects & Dioramas: The Student's Handbook (SP4171), it contains 34 step-by-step projects and more than 250 modeling tips and techniques. It is available for free download.

  • I loved the old Hob-e-Tac formula! Where can I locate some?

    Due to an environmental law involving an ingredient in the previous version, we had to revise the formula. The current formula of Hob-e-Tac is applied in a different manner. Brush on adhesive and let dry until clear and tacky. Dry time varies due to environmental conditions (approx. 20-45 mins.). When clear, press landscape material firmly into adhesive.

  • It does not seem that my PineCar scale is calibrated correctly. Is there a way that I can reset it?

    Check calibration:1. Turn scale ON.2. Place required calibration weight (500 g) on the scale and note display value.3. If displayed value is not within acceptable tolerance (0.2 g), adjustment is required.

    Adjustment:1. Turn scale ON.2. Press and hold [M] key until display shows CAL, then release.3. Tap [M] key once more. Display will flash CAL followed by the required calibration weight.4. Place required calibration weight on center of platform (500 g). After a few seconds, display will show PASS. Calibration is complete.

  • Can I directly paint the Foam Putty after it dries?

    Yes, Foam Putty can be painted. The dried surface of Foam Putty is gritty. For a smooth surface, sand dried Putty with a very fine grade sandpaper (220-400 grit) before painting. Apply two coats of paint, sanding lightly between coats.

  • What is the best way to make a tunnel?

    Tunnels can be made in a variety of ways.Ready Landforms are an easy way to add a tunnel. They are preformed, landscaped and ready to place on a layout. Available in HO and N scales and straight (C1310, C1315) or curved (C1311, C1316) designs.

    Self-supporting Shaper Sheet (C1178, C1179) is another easy way to add a tunnel. Form into tunnel shape and arrange over track. Cover in Shaper Sheet Plaster (C1180) and add landscape materials. For added realism, paint underside of Shaper Sheet to resemble blasted rock. Use 1/4" Foam Sheets (ST1422) or 1/4" Modeling Sheets (C1176) to make tunnel walls and roof. Use No-News Paper (C1188) or newspaper to add paper wads around the tunnel foundation to model terrain, and add a double layer of Plaster Cloth (C1203, C1191-C1193) to form a hard shell.Use the Tunnel Liner Form (C1250) to mold tunnel sections from Lightweight Hydrocal (C1201), Shaper Sheet Plaster (C1180) or Super Strength Plaster (C1199). Connect sections together with Plaster Cloth (C1203, C1191, C1192, C1193) to form desired length of tunnel.

  • I am wondering why the O scale Track-Bed is wider than the foam inclines and risers. Am I missing something?

    When modeling in O scale, Inclines and Risers need to be placed side-by-side to double their width.

  • I am planning on running a double track on my layout. How wide are your 2% Incline Sets? Will I need 2 for a double track?

    Risers and Inclines are 2 1/2" wide. You will need to install 2 sets side-by-side for an N or HO scale double track.

  • I have problems with the Scenic Sprayer clogging up. What is the best way to clean it?

    The instructions say to spray warm water through following each use for regular maintenance. However, if this is not done, it could be really clogged. Since the Scenic Sprayer™ sprays a very fine mist and you are using it for glue, it is very important to clean it well after each use. We recommend soaking it and then spraying hot water through it. Even better would be to spray some denatured alcohol through it.

  • I am wanting to put the Smooth-It product on an incline. My question is, can I keep it from running?

    For inclines up to 30 degrees (maximum recommended degree), it will need to have a thicker consistency. Mix 2-1/2 parts Smooth-It to 1 part cold water.

  • Is there a way to 'thin' out the Water Effects?

    Yes, you can thin out Water Effects™ with a little water. Make sure to test a small area first to be sure you have the correct consistency for the application intended.

  • I am interested in your Track-Bed. Is it black, dark gray or light gray?

    The Track-Bed is a dark gray.

  • I have the DPM Building 30100 Tera Surplus Window Warehouse Kit. Is the roof material made of the same material as the walls?

    No, the roof is not made of the same material as the walls. It is made of a white styrene.

  • Can the Grand Valley HO kit be adapted to O or N scale?

    Yes, more experienced modelers can adapt the Grand Valley Layout Kit to N or O scale. A new track plan will need to be configured.

    You may want to compare the Mod-U-Rail System to the Grand Valley if you are considering O scale. It may work better for you.

  • I am having a problem with my foliage staying on trees. I used Clump-Foliage broken up into small pieces, put on Hob-E-Tac and waited for about 10 minutes. What could it be?

    The drying time of Hob-e-Tac® varies due to environmental conditions and thickness of application. Typically, dry time is between 20-45 minutes. It is possible the 10 minutes of dry time was not sufficient. Hob-e-Tac must dry clear before foliage is applied or it will not stick. If it is still white, it is not dry.

    Recommendation for making trees. Apply Hob-e-Tac to all branches. Avoid trunk area where foliage does not grow naturally. Wait for adhesive to become clear and tacky. Break Clump-Foliage into manageable size pieces and pinch firmly onto branches.

  • I purchased the N Scale Scenic Ridge Track Pack. The package & instructions do not indicate if the track is an Atlas Code 80 or Code 55. Can you tell me?

    The track in N Scale Scenic Ridge® Track Pack is an Atlas Code 80.

  • My Foam Putty is two years old and is dried out. Is there anything I can do to restore it?

    Foam Putty™ has a 2 1/2-year shelf life and cannot be reconstituted. You can determine the manufacture date of a particular container by looking at the code on the lid. The first number denotes the year (8 = 2008) The next three numbers denote the day of the year (085 is the 85th day of the year = March 25) The expiration date for this code is March 25, 2010.

  • Can the Smooth-It be used directly on Homosote? And should I first seal it with shellack?

    Yes, you can use Smooth-It™ directly on Homosote. Prior to applying the Smooth-It, sand the surface with 60 or 80-grit sandpaper. Do not use shellack.

  • What is the average footprint of your Mini-Scene Kits?

    The footprint of the Mini-Scene kits are less than 3" in diameter.

  • What is the best size Ballast to use for HO scale track?

    For HO scale, it is most common to use the medium grade Ballast.

  • What are the weight increments of the P353 Bar Weight?

    All weight is approximate.

    Lengthwise: Sides 0.5 oz ea / Center 1 oz

    Middle-Center Sections: Sides 0.28 oz ea / Center 0.44 ozSmall Increments: Sides 0.03 oz ea / Center 0.04 oz ea

  • I am using Latex Rubber and it won't dry. What am I doing wrong?

    You may be applying it too thick. Latex Rubber should be applied in thin layers, letting each layer dry completely for approximately 30 minutes (dry time varies due to environmental conditions). When applied, Latex Rubber is opaque and off-white in color. It is pale yellow and slightly translucent when dry.

  • I am trying to put the walls together on an HO scale DPM kit but the solvent is not working. What could the problem be?

    Prior to adhering building pieces together, always wash pieces with warm soapy water to remove any residue. If they still do not adhere, try using a more aggressive plastic cement. Test plastic cement on the back of a building piece. Put a few drops of plastic cement, wait 5-10 seconds, touch with finger, if not sticky and gooey there may be a problem with the cement.

  • What is the mix ratio of Lightweight Hydrocal?

    The mix ratio of Lightweight Hydrocal is 5 parts Hydrocal to 2 parts water (1 1/4 cups Hydrocal to 1/2 cup water).

  • Can I paint over cured Realistic Water and then pour another layer of Realistic Water over it?

    We have not tested this technique and cannot recommend it. We suggest painting the base of your water area with Earth Colors Liquid Pigment or 100% acrylic paint before pouring Realistic Water.

  • Can EZ-Water be poured over cured Realistic Water?

    No. E-Z Water™ is poured hot, which would result in bubbling and cracking of the Realistic Water™. Realistic Water can be poured over E-Z Water, but it must be completely cured.

  • How do I remove Realistic Water that has spilled and hardened on a Formica countertop?

    Place a wash cloth with warm, soapy water on the spill and let it soak approximately 30 minutes. The Realistic Water should soften so it can be scraped up with a plastic spatula. If this does not work, soak spill with denatured alcohol. Let set until Realistic Water is soft enough to scrape up.

  • Generally, what is the difference between Ballast and Talus?

    Ballast is placed along the railroad track to model actual ballast that holds track in place.

    Talus is used to model rock debris under rock outcroppings, rocky hillsides or embankments.

  • Does your coal have any metallic or magnetic substances in it?

    No, our coal does not contain metal or magnetic substances of any kind.

  • What grade of Ballast should I use on my O scale layout?

    We suggest Coarse Grade Ballast with O gauge track.

  • I am trying to form my ReadyGrass Mat to mounds of newspaper but it isn't working. What am I doing wrong?

    To form ReadyGrass into a hill or mound over newspaper wads, you must use a heat tool that heats to 300º F. We recommend using our Heat Tool (RG5162).

  • Other than Woodland Scenics earth color liquid pigments, what can I use under my realistic water for sealing and color?

    Only 100% acrylic paint should be used with Realistic Water.

    Finding a true 100% acrylic paint can be difficult. Most craft paints, including premium brands, contain vinyl fillers. The vinyl in paint will have an adverse reaction with Realistic Water.

  • How wide should City Streets, Country Roads, Highway Lanes and Sidewalks be according to scale?

    N SCALECITY STREET - 2 1/4"COUNTRY ROAD - 1 3/8"HIGHWAY LANES - 7/8" to 1 3/8"SIDEWALK  - 1/4"

    HO SCALECITY STREET – 4 1/8”COUNTRY ROAD - 2 1/2"HIGHWAY LANES - 1 5/8" to 2 1/2"SIDEWALK - 1/2"

    O SCALECITY STREET – 7 1/2”COUNTRY ROAD - 4 1/2"HIGHWAY LANES - 2 1/4" to 4 1/2"SIDEWALK  - 15/16”

  • Do you offer any of your products in Z scale?

    Our landscape products work for any scale.

  • I was wondering what scale would work best to match the 25mm war game miniatures.

    HO scale (1:87) would be very close to 25mm.

  • Are the AutoScenes and Scenic Accents made to be within a certain era?

    Most of our AutoScenes® and Scenic Accents® are designed to fit into a 1940s - 1950s era.

  • What is the minimum radius for O scale Track-Bed?

    The minimum turn radius for O scale Track-Bed is O27.  (O27 is O scale track with 27-inch center-to-center turn.)

  • What is the best method for laying out Track-Bed for placement on my layout?

    Lay out Track-Bed™ in one piece. Accommodate tight curves by separating the Track-Bed into two narrow strips along the slit that runs lengthwise. Lay the two pieces seperately, butting them snuggly in the middle. Do this by first drawing a center line for your track. Lay each half strip of Track-Bed on either side along this center line.

  • Can I use a Hot Wire Foam Cutter to cut my Track-Bed?

    No, do not cut the Track-Bed with a Hot Wire Foam Cutter. This may emit toxic fumes.

  • What is the best way to attach Track-Bed?

    For a strong bond, rough-up the bottom of Track-Bed™ with 80-grit sandpaper and attach using the contact method, working in small, manageable sections.

    Contact Method - Apply Foam Tack Glue™ to both surfaces, allow to set for approximately 20 minutes, but no longer than 1 hour, until tacky, then apply.

  • Is the Track-Bed solvent resistant?

    Yes, Track-Bed is solvent resistant.

  • How are turnout switches attached to Risers under Track-Bed?

    Cut out a section of Riser where the under table switches will be located. Use 1/4" piece of Foam Sheet, Masonite or plywood to bridge the gap. Notch each end of the Riser to accomodate thickness of material. Material should be level with Riser. Glue into place and mount the switch.

  • What are the ratios of the different scales?

    Model Scales

    G = 1:24

    O = 1:48

    S = 1:64

    OO = 1:76.2

    HO = 1:87

    N = 1:160

    Z = 1:220

  • What is "gauge?"

    Gauge refers to the distance between the rails on railroad track.

  • I want to Ballast my track. Can I put Scenic Glue over my Track-Bed to adhere it?

    We recommend using Scenic Cement™ (S191) rather than Scenic Glue™ because the Ballast will lay more evenly and be better secured. 

    Apply Ballast onto track and brush from rails and top of ties. Mist adhesive over Ballast to wet the surface, and then saturate it for a strong bond using an eyedropper or the Scenic Sprayer™ (S192). Clean rails before use.

  • How do I secure my track to the Track-Bed?

    We recommend using Foam Tack Glue (ST1444). Spread a thin, even layer of Foam Tack Glue on top of Track-Bed. Place pieces of track on glue and pin in place with Foam Nails (ST1432) to secure while drying.

  • What is the best method for removing a Dry Transfer from something that is painted with acrylic paint?

    The best method we have found for removing dry transfer decals is to press a piece of clear tape onto the decal, rub with a burnisher or dull pencil, and then peel off the tape. The Dry Transfer should come off fairly easily, but it may take a couple of applications to remove it all. If there are spots of decal remaining, soak a cotton swab in denatured or isopropyl alcohol and rub over the decal. The remainder will come off easily.


  • My car weaves and bounces back and forth as it goes down the track. What is wrong?

    It could be any number of things, but the first thing we would recommend checking is your wheel alignment, making sure they are aligned properly. We suggest using our Wheel Alignment Tool (P456) to verify wheel alignment.


  • My car seems to get significantly faster each time it goes down the track. Why not in the beginning?

    Congratulations! This is how a well built PineCar should perform. Each time you race your car, the wheels and axles are getting more broken in. As a result, your car is experiencing less friction each time it races down the track.

  • Why does my car looks like it is speeding up when it gets to the flat portion of the track?

    This is the result of well-placed weight in the rear of your car. Gravity driven racers continue to accelerate until the weighted portion of the car reaches the flat area of track. Most likely, the cars you are racing against have too much weight near the front and are slowing sooner than yours.

  • Is it possible to use Flex-track on the Mod-U-Rail system? Do you have any tips for installing point (switch) motors?

    Yes, Flex-track can be used with no problem. 

    Cut out a section of Riser where the under table switch will be located. Use 1/4" piece of Foam Sheet, Masonite or plywood to bridge the gap. Notch each end of the Riser to accommodate the thickness of the material. The material should be level with the Riser. Glue into place and mount the switch according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  • Can the Subterrain System be used in conjunction with the Kato Unitrack System?


  • How do I get Scenic Accents Glue off of my hands and figures?

    To clean hands and figures, we recommend a hand cleaner that contains pumice or an all-purpous hand cleaner / degreaser.

  • How much Foam Tack Glue will I need when I lay my Track-Bed?

    N scale Track-Bed - 1/3 oz of Foam Tack Glue covers approximately 4 feet of N scale Track-Bed (ST1475, ST1472, ST1462)

    HO scale Track Bed - 1/3 oz of Foam Tack Glue covers approximately 2 feet of HO scale Track-Bed (ST1474, ST1471, ST1461)

    O scale Track Bed - 1/3 oz of Foam Tack Glue covers approximately 1 foot of O scale Track-Bed (ST1476, ST1473, ST1463)

    Super Sheets (ST1477, ST1478) - 1 oz per Super Sheet. 1 bottle (12 fl oz) will do 12 Super Sheets.

    NOTE: Coverage is approximate. Exact coverage depends on thickness of application.

  • On the Mini-Series DT575 lettering, what are the larger character heights for the two different sizes on the sheet?

    The larger is 3/64" and the smaller is 1/32".

  • I cleaned up 3 old locomotives that I purchased. Which lube would be best for electrical motor bushings and which one for the axle gears and drive train axles?

    Use Ultra-Lite Oil (HL661) for locomotive bushings and other moving parts on locomotives and rolling stock, with the exception of gears. Lubricate gears with a grease like White Grease (HL657).

  • How are the Townhouse Flats (DPM #11400) normally used?

    The most common uses for the Townhouse Flats includes:Attached between a row of buildings. This is a quick and easy way to add buildings with interesting facades along a street.Attached to a pre-printed background to enhance a two-dimensional picture. These Flats add a three-dimensional feel when space is limited.Use to add buildings on a layout with limited space.These Flats are popular with scratch builders. Scratch builders use these Flats with parts leftover from other kits.TIP: Place black paper behind the flats to create the illusion of occupancy.

  • My Lightweight Hydrocal is still wet after 40 minutes. The instructions say that it should be dry by now. What am I doing wrong?

    Different issues can affect the setting and drying time of Lightweight Hydrocal®.

    The amount of water used is critical. Use only the amount indicated in the instructions or the Hydrocal will take much longer to cure and set. If too much water is used, it may never set up completely.

    It is very important to shake the carton of Lightweight Hydrocal upside down for 30 seconds to mix contents thoroughly before measuring.

    Humidity is another factor. Higher humidity can extend dry time to as long as a few days. Placing a fan in the room to circulate air can speed up drying time.

    Hydrocal is a U.S. Gypsum registered trademark.


  • How will sunlight affect the Realistic Water?

    Realistic Water is not UV stable. With exposure to sunlight, you might see discoloration or buckling.

  • Should the Water Effects cure to be completely clear in 24 hours?

    The 24-hour dry time of Water Effects is a guideline only. Actual dry time depends on a number of factors. Very thick applications could take a couple of weeks to clear completely. Environmental conditions like heat and humidity could also extend dry time. To speed up dry time, place a fan in the room to circulate the air.


  • What size Ballast do you recommend for an O scale track? And approximately how much will I need per yard of track?

    We recommend you use coarse Ballast for O gauge track. One bag (18 cu. in.) will cover 6 feet of track. One shaker (50 cu. in.) will cover 16 feet of track. This coverage is an approximation that may vary due to the desired thickness and uniformity of application.

  • I purchased a thin plastic pre-molded pond and painted it with Testors enamel paint. I poured three 1/8" layers, waiting 24-48 hours between each pour and the third layer is bumpy on the edges. Why?

    The Realistic Water is having an adverse reaction with the enamel paint. When using Realistic Water, we recommend Earth Colors Liquid Pigment, Earth Undercoat or 100% acrylic paint only to color a water area.

  • Does Scenic Cement adhere to any type of surface and material? What is the normal time until it is completely dry and ready to respray to add more covering?

    Scenic Cement works best when used with porous materials. Let dry approximately 30 minutes between applications.

  • What are some reasons for poor car performance?

    Poor car performance could be the result of any number of reasons. Here are a few common problem areas.

    Wheels are not installed straight and parallel.

    Car is not the maximum weight allowed per race rules. Heavier cars go faster.

    Verify that the majority of your weight is toward the rear of your car.

    Wheels and axles are not tuned and polished. This lessens friction.

    Wheels and axles not lubricated with graphite. Also lessens friction.

    Bottom clearance not adequate and car drags on track guide.

    We recommend purchasing the PineCar How-To Book: Design for Speed (P383). It walks you through the entire building process, starting with cutting the basic block and finishing with race day check-in.

  • What is the the tightest turn the risers provide?

    The tightest turn Risers provide is 9”.

  • What is the best product to use for water if the depth needs to be deeper than 1/8"?

    E-Z Water™ (C1206) is good for deeper water areas. We recommend it for smaller areas, as it should be applied in one pour to avoid transition lines.

    It is possible to pour Realistic Water to an overall depth of more than 1/8". When applying Realistic Water, it must be poured in 1/8" increments. Pour Realistic Water slowly to a depth of 1/8" and let dry until glass clear (minimum 24 hours). Pour additional layers in 1/8" increments, letting each layer cure until glass clear. Pour to a maximum depth of 1/2”.

  • Is there any kind of paint that I should NOT use under my Realistic Water?

    We recommend using our Earth Colors Liquid Pigment or 100% acrylic paint only. Using paint other that what is listed, can cause an adverse reaction with the Realistic Water.

  • Can I use track other than Atlas with HO Grand Valley Layout Kit?

    This is possible, but requires designing a new track plan and reconfiguring the layout of the Risers and Inclines/Declines. The track plan for the Grand Valley Layout Kit was designed using Atlas Code 83 Snap-Track.

  • When using the Foam Tack Glue (ST1444) on Track-Bed material, can it be removed safely in the future?

    Yes. Soften Foam Tack Glue with warm, soapy water. If the glue is difficult to remove, use denatured alcohol.

  • How many square feet does one bottle of Mat Adhesive cover? The surface I am applying it to is plain plywood. Do I need to prep it in some way?

    The 7 fl oz bottle of Mat Adhesive covers 34.7 sq ft (5,000 sq in).

    When attaching a ReadyGrass Vinyl Mat to a porous surface using Mat Adhesive, you must first sand the surface with 100-grit sandpaper, then prime with acrylic paint to seal. Let paint dry completely before applying Adhesive.

  • Any tips on how to make a Water Mill for the Scene-A-Rama Water Mill Diorama?

    We used the Building & Structure Kit (SP4130) to make the Water Wheel and the Mill and the Water Diorama Kit (SP4113) for the landscape. Step-by-step, illustrated instructions are included with each kit explaining how to use the products.

    Here are some tips on making the Water Wheel. Cut Project Board into two circles for the wheel. Use Project Sticks for the spokes on the wheel. Use Project Board for the paddles. Use a household dowel or skewer for the center support of the wheel. Use Project Sticks and Project Board to model the supporting frame.

  • I model in O scale and am wondering if your inclines and risers will be able to hold up under the weight of the engines over time, or will it compress?

    Our SubTerrain® Lightweight Layout System is made of a high-density foam material that can withstand a lot of weight. It's designed for this application.

  • I want to create the 9x9 Mod-U-Rail layout (pg 22 of Mod-U-Rail instructions). What components will I need? Are the pieces already built?

    Mod-U-Rail kits are not pre-built. They are kits containing terrain and landscape materials needed to complete each modular section. Track, train and other details are sold separately.

    For the 9 x 9 layout, you need the following:

    (2) ST4801 - Straight Kit(2) ST4790 - Straight Stand(5) ST4802 - Corner Kit(5) ST4791 - Corner Stand(1) ST4780 - Connector Set

  • What are the tallest trees you sell?

    Woodland Classics - Deciduous: 8"-9" Cool Shade (TR3521) and Waters Edge (TR3539)

    Woodland Classics - Conifer: 7"-8" Standing Timber

    Ready Made Realistic Trees - Deciduous: 8"-9" Medium Green (TR1519)

    Ready Made Realistic Trees - Conifer: 7"-8" Conifer Green (TR1563)

  • In the Mod-U-Rail instruction booklet on page 23 it shows a 9 x 6 layout. Can you give me a more detailed explanation of where to use the additional items?

    The extra items are terrain and landscape materials needed to complete the suggested layout. Exact placement depends on your layout design. The included instructions cover how to use most of the materials, and our website has loads of how-to video demonstrations. Also, the individual products contain instructions explaining how to use them.

  • How do I give a matte-white snow base a crystalized, icy look?

    Mix a tiny amount of fine, iridescent glitter with Snow Flake Snow™ (SN140) until the desired look is achieved, keeping in mind that a little goes a long way. Spray an already modeled snow base with Scenic Cement™ and apply the mixture while glue is wet.

    You can also mix glitter with Water Effects™ (C1212) before modeling icicles.

  • Can the River Pass HO scale Layout Kit be done in S scale?

    The River Pass is designed as an HO scale layout kit. Although you can modify the kit, experience is required to alter the track plan to fit the larger S scale. In addition, the Portals and Culverts included in the kit are too small.  You may want to consider our Mod-U-Rail® System. Mod-U-Rail works for virtually any scale. Design any layout configuration with individual straight, square and/or corner modules. Visit to see this system. The landscape materials included in each kit will work with any scale. In addition, with every purchase of any five modules, you receive a free Straight Module Kit.

  • When I use the Incline Set, do I have to put the Risers under the inclines?

    No, you do not need to use Risers under Inclines, but using both allows you to increase the elevation of the track throughout the layout to create lower surrounding areas easily, such as creek beds and ravines. For further information and instruction about using Risers and Inclines, watch the how-to videos on our website and consider purchasing the SubTerrain® Manual (ST1402).

  • How can I make ice blocks?

    This method makes very realistic ice blocks. Adjust size accordingly.

    1. Apply a square layer of Water Effects onto a non-stick surface, such as freezer paper or a non-stick pan. Let dry until clear. 2. Add additional layers as needed, letting each layer cure fully. 3. If necessary, trim with hobby knife after blocks are cured and clear.


  • Can your Track-Bed be used with any brand of track and on any layout?

    Yes, our Track-Bed™ works great on any type layout with any kind of track of a standard width. For larger scales, consider using Track-Bed Sheets.

  • Once opened, how long will Lightweight Hydrocal keep? What is the best way to store it?

    When stored properly, Hydrocal has a very long shelf life. Put Lightweight Hydrocal® in a sealed plastic bag and place the sealed bag in a tightly sealed, non-breakable container. It is important to keep moisture away from the product.Hydrocal® is a U.S. Gypsum registered trademark.

  • I am doing a layout and planning on using your foam boards on top. Will the Foam Tack Glue work well to glue the cork trackbed in place?

    Yes, but we recommend attaching the cork roadbed using the contact gluing method.  Apply Foam Tack Glue to the back of the cork roadbed and surface where it will be attached. Let the adhesive dry until clear (maximum working time, 1 hour). Press cork roadbed in place, glue will bond instantly.

  • What is the best way to attach larger trees to my layout (9") so that they are stable?

    Attach trees to layout using Scenic Glue™ (S190) or Hob-e-Tac® (S195). Poke a small hole, apply a drop of glue over hole and insert tree's base pin. Hold until setting begins. Add additional adhesive around the base of the tree for extra support. The optional base can also be used. Attach with Scenic Glue. 

  • What is the measurement of the wire between the prongs of the Hot Wire Foam Cutter, and at what depth does it cut?

    The opening width, or length of the wire from prong to prong is 4 1/2" (11.4 cm) wide. The depth from the prong down to the handle, is 6" (15.2 cm). When using the optional straight rod, the tool cuts a path 3 1/2" w x 6" d (8.89 cm x 15.2 cm). Use this option to cut in tight places and for faster cuts.

  • Can I use wire other than the Foam Cutter Replacement Wire (ST1436) in the Hot Wire Foam Cutter (ST1435)?

    No. The Hot Wire Foam Cutter is designed to use the Replacement Wire. The special nichrome wire retains an even temperature, which is necessary for consistent cutting of our foam products.

  • Do your products work with any scale?

    While we make some of our products scale specific, most of our terrain and landscape products work with mulitple scales. Our catalog, Web site and product packaging includes scale-specific information when applicable.

  • What is the dilution rate of Scenic Cement?

    Scenic Cement is ready to use. Diluting is not required.

  • I am building the Grand Valley and would like to run two trains on the same setup. Do you have any suggestions how that can be done?

    We do have some suggestions:Method #1 - Install and wire the track for "block " control. This requires a seperate power pack or transformer for each train and wiring a number of switches to determine which transformer has control of a train on a particular block of track. Block control is not expensive, nor is it difficult to install.Method #2 - Use a digital command control (DCC) system. DCC requires a more expensive electronics package, with corresponding decoders in your model train engines. A DCC system can be designed to control switches, lights, sounds and other operations.For expert, more detailed advice, you can research these topics via books, railroad magazines and Web sites. Local model railroading clubs are also a great resource.

  • Why is Track-Bed better than cork?

    Track-Bed® absorbs the noise and vibration of train operations, so you can enjoy the true "clickety-clack" sound. Track-Bed costs less, does not require pre-soaking, and is easy to apply. It will not dry out, crack and crumble like cork. Since Track-Bed is compatible and aligns easily with cork, you can update your cork bed at any time.

  • I am using Track-Bed, and securing the track with Foam Tack Glue. Now, I need to move one of the tracks. How can I get the Foam Tack Glue to release?

    To remove Track-Bed™, soften the Foam Tack Glue™ with warm, soapy water. If the glue is hard to remove, use denature alcohol.

  • How do I prevent the walls of my buildings from glowing in night scenes?

    If you plan to light your building for night scenes, paint the inside walls flat black before assembly. It prevents the walls from "glowing " when the interior light source is turned on. Only the windows are illuminated, and it looks very realistic.

  • How do I know how much Ballast I need for my layout?

    Divide the total footage of track by the number of feet covered by one package.

    N Scale Fine Ballast18 cu in = 20 feet50 cu in = 52 feetHO scale Medium Ballast18 cu in = 12 feet50 cu in = 32 feet

  • I recently purchased your turf and foliage materials. They were not exactly the same color as the same product I've used in the past. Why?

    Our landscaping system is based on nature’s principal of contrasts and highlights. Although many of our colors are close, slight variations occur from batch to batch. These variations help create more realistic scenery and blend easily with other existing colors.

  • I used Scenic Cement to apply my Ballast, and now I need to disassemble my layout and move it. How do I release the Ballast from the track?

    To remove Ballast from the track, soften the Scenic Cement™ with warm, soapy water. If the glue is hard to remove, use denatured alcohol.

  • What is the difference between Incline Starters and Incline Sets?

    Incline Sets are a packaged set of foam inclines that create a pre-determined 2%, 3% or 4% incline within a specific distance. Incline Starters contain from 6 to 8 two-foot sections of 2%, 3% or 4% foam inclines, each beginning at 0%. Starters are used in combination with sets and risers to simplify the construction of even the most complex layouts.

  • Is it true that SubTerrain foam products will not crumble or fall apart?

    Yes. SubTerrain foam products are made from unique, high-density foam and will not crumble or fall apart.

  • Why is SubTerrain foam made with expanded foam?

    We wanted a foam product that was lightweight and easy to use. You can cut SubTerrain quickly and neatly, it will not crumble or fall apart, and working with SubTerrain high-density foam rquires no previous modeling experience. When cut with a Hot Wire Foam Cutter, it does not emit toxic fumes.

  • Can I use the Hot Wire Foam Cutter with other kinds of foam?

    We recommend using the Hot Wire Foam Cutter (ST1435 with Risers (ST1406-ST1409, ST1414), Inclines/Declines (ST1410-ST1413, ST1415-ST1416), Profile Boards (ST1419), Foam Sheets (ST1422-ST1427), Modeling Sheets (ST1174-ST1177), Road Riser (ST1181), and Support Panels (ST1172, C1173).Using the Hot Wire Foam Cutter on products other than what is listed is not recommend. Toxic fumes may be omitted.

  • How do you mount a tortoise switch machine under the track if you are using SubTerrain?

    Cut a notch in the Risers and install a hard board to support the mechanism. Cut a hole in the base for installing and servicing the switch machine. Complete the installation according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  • Can your Foam Sheets be carved?

    Yes, they can be carved with a Hot Wire Foam Cutter, Foam Knife or other hobby knife.

  • What is the best way to add color to my E-Z Water?

    Use dry pigments or dyes only. Add dye to pre-melted pellets or mix into melted pellets a small amount at a time. When adding dye to melted E-Z Water™, mix in dye very slowly to avoid bubbles.

  • Is there a sealant which I could apply to make the surface of Realistic Water harder or more durable?

    No, we recommend not sealing the Realistic Water.

  • I've waited 24 hours for the Realistic Water to dry, but it still not clear.

    Depending on your workspace’s humidity level and the depth of your Realistic Water®, it may take longer than 24 hours to completely dry. Never force the curing process by using heat. You can move the process along by placing the layout in an air-conditioned area with less humidity or using a fan in the room to circulate air.

  • What kind of coverage can I expect with an 8-ounce bottle of Water Effects?

    An 8 fluid ounce bottle of Water Effects™ covers approximately 627 square inches when applied 3/32" thick. Actual coverage depends on application.

  • Can the Model Graphics Dry Transfer Decals be cut and assembled to configure letters and numbers that are not available?

    Yes, by all means. This is a method to make the needed custom numbers and letters that are not available!

  • At what stage in building a layout are Tunnel Portals installed?

    Tunnel Portals can be installed at various times throughout the layout modeling process. We recommend installing them after Plaster Cloth (C1203, C1191-C1193) or Shaper Sheet (C1178, C1179)/Shaper Sheet Plaster (C1180) has been applied. Tunnel Portals can also be installed throughout the landscaping process, making it easy to add them to an existing layout. Cut into the terrrain (if additonal room is needed for the portal) and install per package instructions. 

  • What are the coverage areas for the various Fine Turf packaging options?

    Coverage approximation depends on individual usage. A dense application will reduce the total area covered and light application will extend it. Generally, one bag contains enough Fine Turf to cover approximately 18 cubic inches. One Fine Turf Shaker will cover approximately 50 cubic inches.

  • What is the approximate drying time of Foam Putty before it can be sanded?

    Here are some drying time guidelines:Very thin layer - 20 minutes An 1/8 " or thicker - 1 to 2 hours or moreThese drying times will vary depending on air humidity and temperature. If it seems slow to dry, place a fan in the room to help circulate the air.

  • Is the "dip" method the only way to apply Plaster Cloth?

    Another way you can apply Plaster Cloth is to lay managable sizes of dry Plaster Cloth strips on the project. Use a spray bottle to mist with water and use your fingers to smooth out the plaster filling in all the holes.

  • Can a Lightweight Hydrocal base be colored with acrylic paint?

    We recommend using our Earth Colors™ Liquid Pigment on Lightweight Hydrocal®* castings. You will want to be sure that there is no glue or other residue on the casting before applying the Pigments, because color may not adhere or may become blotchy.

    *Hydrocal is a U.S. Gypsum registered trademark.

  • Can the Liquid Pigments be applied with an airbrush? If so should it be diluted?

    Yes, Earth Colors ™ Liquid Pigments can be applied with an airbrush. Diluting the pigments is done primarily to adjust the shade of the color. Leave it full concentrate for the darkest color and add water to achieve lighter results.

  • Is a hair dryer hot enough to use on a ReadyGrass Mat to form mounds?

    No, a hair dryer will not get hot enough to do this. A Woodland Scenics Hot Heat Tool is recommended (RG5162).

  • My Lightweight Hydrocal will not take the Liquid Pigments in some areas of my terrain. Can I paint it with acrylic paint?

    Some natural shading should occur when painting your Lightweight Hydrocal surface with Liquid Pigments. However, if the surface is not absorbing pigment and remains white, those areas probably have been contaminated with glue or another substance. An acrylic paint can be used instead without the need of priming the surface. Keep in mind that using paint will not create as realistic of a look as the pigments.

  • I have a portable layout that I will be taking to and from hobby shows. I have used the ReadyGrass mat. What can I use to waterproof it in case it gets rained on from time to time?

    The ReadyGrass Mat was not designed to get wet. However, if the mat is prepped properly, it should be okay after a short sprint in a light rain. Spray the ReadyGrass Mat with a few light layers of Scenic Cement™ (S191), but do  not saturate. Let each layer dry completely before applying the next. NOTE: This will make the ReadyGrass Mat a bit darker.

  • Can the Realistic Water or EZ Water be used outdoors?

    No. Neither Realistic Water or E-Z Water were desiged for outdoor use.

  • Can foliage, turf and tree products be used outdoors?

    Woodland Scenics products are not designed to be exposed to the outdoor elements.

  • I put sand down underneath my Realistic Water with a PVA glue. Now after a month I have excessive cloudiness. What could the problem be?

    Realistic Water and PVA glue are not compatible. Using the two together could cause the Realistic Water to act adversely, causing cracking and/or fogging.

    We recommend using Scenic Glue (S190) to adhere items in a water area. It is also important to let everything dry completely before pouring Realistic Water.

  • How do I make realistic looking snowdrifts for my school project?

    Use the Winter Effects Accent Kit. Mix the Snow Flakes with the Snow Base, included in the kit. This will create the perfect mixture for making snowdrifts.

  • What color pigments do you suggest I use on Tunnel Portals and Walls to make them look realistic?

    The photo of the C1254 Single Track Timber Portal, shown on the website is a good example of a realistic Tunnel Portal. We used Burnt Umber (C1222) for the main color and then applied a wash using a thin solution of Black (C1220). You could also use Stone Gray (C1218) as an accent.

  • Can I use a silicone product to seal the base before pouring the Realistic Water?

    We thoroughly test our products for their intended use, but do not test products other than our own. Since we have not tested a silicone product used with Realistic Water in the manner you are describing, we cannot offer an opinion as to how the Realistic Water will perform.

  • How can I make a frozen pond?

    Prepare your water areas as usual and pour Realistic Water™. While it is still wet, lightly sprinkle Soft Flake Snow on top. This will create a glazed, frosted look to simulate a frozen, icy surface.

  • How do I tint Realistic Water?

    Use Earth Colors™ Liquid Pigment (C1216-C1223) to tint Realistic Water™. Pour Realistic Water into a disposable cup and mix in coloring agent very slowly to avoid bubbles. If bubbles occur, cover and let set until they disperse (approximately 2 hours). It is advisable to do a small test area to verify desired color.

  • How do I apply the Water Effects?

    Water Effects is moldable, holds its shape and dries clear. To model moving water, apply on top of dried Realistic Water™ (C1211) or E-Z Water (C1206) with a paintbrush or craft stick.To model a waterfall, squeeze onto freezer paper or non-stick pan in desired shape and length (add 1/2” to length for attaching to layout). Let dry until clear, then peel off surface carefully and attach using Water Effects as an adhesive. Dry time varies due to heat and humidity.

  • How many tree armatures will an 18 cubic inch bag of bushes do?

    An 18 cu. in. bag of Bushes will make approximately 15 trees. The exact number of trees will depend on the amount of foliage used and the size of the Tree Armature. Smaller Armatures will net more trees and larger Armatures will net fewer.

  • What is the best way to adhere clump foliage to nearly vertical surfaces? I have tried many methods but the clumps keep falling off after a few weeks.

    This depends on what type of surface you want to adhere the foliage to. We have created three-dimensional trees by gluing foliage to foam board backgrounds. The Clump-Foliage™ must be broken into manageable size pieces (approximately the size of our Bushes). We use Foam Tack Glue™ to adhere the foliage, piece by piece. Dry flat and let the glue dry thoroughly.

  • How do I clean the surface of my Realistic Water™?

    Use a damp, lint-free towel to remove dust.

  • I want to have my water go up to the edge of my layout. What can I use to "dam" up the water so that it does not spill out onto the floor?

    Choose any clear piece of plastic like styrene or acetate to use as the dam. Make sure the area where the dam will be affixed is clean and flat. Adhere the clear plastic to the fascia (double stick tape works well). Make the plastic higher than the anticipated level of the water feature, and pour the Realistic Water™. Once the water height has been achieved and the Realistic Water has cured, carefully cut the plastic to the level of the water and leave in place.

    If you would like to remove the dam, coat the inside of the plastic with petroleum jelly before pouring Water. The jelly acts as a release agent. Make sure Realistic Water is cured fully before removing dam or water could creep. Depending on humidity, it could take up to three weeks.

    Another option is to brush on the Realistic Water. You will not have any depth, but our Water is shiny and gives the illusion of depth.

  • Can I pour my Realistic Water in 1/8" layers to a total of 3/4" deep?

    No - Realistic Water was not designed for deep pours. We recommend pouring it no deeper than 1/2-inch.

    Be sure to let each layer cure until glass clear (minimum 24-hours) before pouring the next layer.

  • Is it possible to purchase only the walls and roof vents from a specific scale DPM building?

    No. It is not possible to purchase individual wall and roof pieces from specific DPM Building Kits.

    To purchase individual wall sections, we recommend the DPM Modular System. It includes a wide variety of interchangeable modular wall sections, which makes it easy to build structures of any type, size, shape or height, to fit anywhere on your layout.

    For HO scale, the Roof and Trim Kit (#30190) contains two sheets of Roof Material, Roof Support Material, Brick Parapet Wall Trim, and assorted Roof Vents and Hatches.

    For other scales, we recommend using a white styrene sheet to model roofs (O scale 0.04" sheets / N scale 0.02" sheets). Hatches can be modeled by cutting pieces of styrene sheet and gluing them to the roof material.

  • What color and types of paints were used on the following DPM structures? Corner Turret Building, Erik's Emporium and Reed's Books.

    All paints used are Floquil®*.Corner Turret Building Brick - mix the following and apply with an airbrush:- SP Daylight Orange- ATSF Mineral BrownMolding - (brush on) CN GrayRoof of turret - Stainless Steel polyApply morter wash mixture over brick area as follows:1 part - concrete, polly9 parts - alcohol7 parts - water2 drops - dish soapReed BooksBrick - Depot Buff...apply with an airbrushMolding - (brush on) CN GrayApply morter wash mixture (see above)Eriks EmporiumBrick - use morter washMolding - Depot BuffOver windows and below - ConcreteAll three buildings have following also:Roofs - Grimmy BlackAging - use black and brown oil chalks

    *Floquil is a Testors Corporation registered trademark.

  • Can I "scribe" and "snap" the DPM wall material?

    Yes, you can.

  • Do the Diorama Kits include the Project Base & Backdrop, or is that sold separately?

    The Project Base & Backdrop is sold separately from the Diorama Kits.

  • I purchased a few DPM building kits and there are no roofs. Why is this and what do I use?

    If an actual roof is not included in your building kit, the kit will include a styrene sheet to make your roof. This is our preferred material for making a roof.

  • I have an O scale train on my layout. Since O scale takes up so much space, can I use HO scale buildings on my layout?

    Using HO scale buildings for O scale layouts is not an uncommon practice. It falls under the category of forced perspective and helps create the illusion of depth and distance in a small area.

  • How do I add a 'switchback' to my track layout?

    You can add a switchback (or extreme incline) to your layout following the same techniques used to model a SubTerrain track area. Start by constructing an incline base with a 1 " Foam Sheet (ST1424). Construct the support with 1/2 " Foam Sheet (ST1423) and add 1/2 " incline pieces (ST1410) for the track. Fill the contours with newspaper wads, cover with Plaster Cloth (C1203) and apply terrain products as usual.

  • Can I use the realistic water on blue/pink extruded foam that has had nothing more done to it than painting? Will it attack the foam?

    Realistic Water will not "attack" the foam, but if it is not prepared and sealed properly, it may release gases into the Realistic Water, causing bubbling and other issues. It is very important to cover an extruded foam base with a few layers of Plaster Cloth, being careful to fill all the holes. Then, paint the base with Earth Colors Liquid Pigment. If using another type of paint verify with the manufacturer that it is 100% acrylic. Let everything in your water area dry completely before pouring Realistic Water.

  • Is it possible to slow down the work/dry time of the Smooth-It?

    Yes, you can slow down the setting time of the Smooth-It™. This is accomplished by using cold water in the mixture.

  • I made a mold with your Latex Rubber. What do I use as a release agent for my mold?

    Before applying Latex Rubber to the item you want to make a casting of, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the object.Before pouring plaster into the Latex Rubber mold, spray the mold with wet water (mix 1-2 drops liquid dish soap in 8 fl oz water).

  • I am using EZ Water in a very large area. How do I minimize seeing transition lines where I start and stop pours?

    E-Z Water™ must be applied in one pour. If applying E-Z Water in multiple pours, transition lines are unavoidable.

  • I am having a problem with the ballast adhering to the Track-Bed.

    You should have no problem adhering Ballast to your Track-Bed™ with this tested method.1. Pour Ballast over track. Brush from rails and tops of ties.

    2. Mist with Scenic Cement™ (S191) to wet the surface, and then saturate Ballast using an eyedropper or Scenic Sprayer™ (S192).

    3. Clean rails before use.


  • How do I remove acrylic or enamel paint from my DPM building?

    Poly S™ Easy-Lift-Off will remove paint without harming plastic. It is kind of a slow process but it works.

    *Poly S is a Testor Corporation trademark 

  • Do you carry 1:20 scale figures for G scale railroad?

    No, our G scale Scenic Accents are scaled 1:22.

  • What is the best way to apply Fruit (T47) and Flowers (T48)?

    The best way to adhere Fruit is to spray Scenic Cement™ onto foliage, then let it set until tacky (nearly dry). Sprinkle on Fruit and overspray with a VERY fine mist of Scenic Cement. Do not get the fruit too wet or the color may run.

    To adhere Flowers, spray Scenic Cement on landscape, sprinkle Flowers on wet adhesive and spray again to seal in place.

  • Will Lightweight Hydrocal clog a water drain?

    You should not wash any Woodland Scenics plaster product down the drain. This includes Shaper Sheet Plaster (C1180), Carving Plaster (C1198), Super Strength Plaster (C1199), Lightweight Hydrocal Plaster (C1201), Mold-A-Scene Plaster(C1202), and Smooth-It (ST1452). Plaster residue that remains after applying Plaster Cloth (CC1203, C1191-C1193) should also be discarded in the trash.

  • How do I fill in the holes on my plaster cloth prior to landscaping it or adding water?

    Fill holes in Plaster Cloth when it is being applied. Dip a strip of Plaster Cloth in cold water and apply to surface bumpy side up. With wet fingers, smooth and spread the plaster bumps until holes in Plaster Cloth are filled in. Work efficiently, because plaster sets quickly.

  • Would it be possible to order six or eight 3.5 inch foam risers?

    We do not make 3.5 inch risers. To accomplish this, install our 2 ", 1 " and 1/2 " risers on top of one another to create that height. Each package contains 4 each and each piece is 2.5 " wide x 24 " long. The quantities to purchase will depend on the planned length of your track.

  • What adhesive should I use to attach my Scenic Accents?

    We recommend the Scenic Accents® Glue (A198). It allows you to reposition items without having to reapply glue each time.

  • Is it possible to use Realistic Water to create molds to preserve insect collections in my classroom?

    We thoroughly test our products for their intended use. Since Realistic Water™ is not intended to create molds to preserve insects, we cannot offer an opinion as to how it will perform under these circumstances.

  • Is it possible to purchase only the passenger depot walls, roof, and chimneys (parts to #40500 Coal River passenger depot)?

    No, it is not possible to purchase the individual wall pieces of DPM® Building Kits. However the DPM Modular System allows modelers to purchase modular building parts. These interchangeable plastic wall sections make it easy to build structures of any type, size, shape or height, to fit anywhere on your layout. The DPM Roof and Trim Kit (#30190) contains all the styrene plastic parts, including roof material, wall trim strips, assorted roof hatches, vents, inside corner strips and instructions.

  • What is the difference between O and On30 scale? What scale track, risers and TrackBed are compatible?

    The "n" stands for narrow. On30 describes the modeling of narrow gauge railways, using O scale trains with narrow trucks that run on HO gauge track. For your On30, you can SubTerrain Risers (ST1406-ST1409, ST1414) and Track-Bed (ST1461, ST1474).

  • Your catalog and Web site pictures make it look as if sunlight is shining on the scenes. How can I do this same thing at home?

    We mainly use halogen lighting when we take product photos in our studio. Generally, the model is set-up and one halogen light represents the angle of the sun. One or more diffused lights are used to fill in the rest of the model. A three-point lighting technique, often used in filming video, works well to highlight foliage in the background.

  • What is the best way to clean rock molds after use?

    An old toothbrush, warm soapy water and a bit of light scrubbing will take dried hydrocal right off.

  • What is the drying time on Flex Paste?

    The drying time of Flex Paste™ varies with thickness of application and environment. A thin layer will dry in approximately 30-40 minutes. Flex Paste should be applied no thicker than 1/16”. Humid weather will extend the drying time. To speed up drying time, place a fan in the room.

  • How do I pour a pond with your Realistic Water on your Ready Grass Mat?

    On the ReadyGrass Vinyl Mat, mark the pond area with a dull pencil. Brush water inside the marked area, then scrape the turf off gently with a craft stick or handle of a paintbrush. Run a continuous bead of Scenic Glue™ (S190) around the perimeter of water area and let dry completely. If desired, paint inside water area with Earth Colors™ Liquid Pigment (C1215-C1223). When everything in the water area is completely dry, pour Realistic Water™ according to the label instructions.

    We do offer a Ready Grass Water Kit (RG5153) designed for this purpose.

  • Approximately how many rocks from a Rock Mold will 1/2 gallon of Hydrocal make?

    A 1/2 gallon carton of Lightweight Hydrocal® will yield approximately 14 medium-sized rocks.

    The actual number of rock castings will depend on which Rock Mold is used and how full it is filled. For example, Rock Mold Strata (C1239) or Classic (C1236) and a 1/2 gallon of Lightweight Hydrocal will yield 8-10 full-pour rocks.

    Hydrocal® is a U.S. Gypsum registered trademark.

  • I purchased all of your Earth Colors pigments. Would you please suggest the pigments that would be good for basic rock coloring?

    We typically suggest Yellow Ocher, Burnt Umber and Black for generic rock coloring, however different geographic locations have rocks of different color so choose the pigments that best represent the area you are modeling.


    The Leopard Spot technique is our favorite method for coloring rocks. It is a simple technique that yields realistic results. Start with the suggested dilution ratios. If darker colors are desired, add additional pigment to washes.

    -Dilute 2 different secondary colors, 1-part pigment to 16-parts water. Color suggestions: Yellow Ocher (C1223) and Burnt Umber (C1222).

    -Dilute a third pigment for a dominate color, 1-part pigment to 32-parts water. Color suggestion: Black (C1220).


    Start with the lightest secondary rock color. Using a foam brush, dab first color randomly over 1/3 of rock. Rinse brush. Dab the next secondary color randomly over a different 1/3 of rock. Rinse brush. Leave approximately 1/3 of the rock white. 

    Brush and dab the dominate Black Wash over the entire rock face. The Black Wash pulls the colors together. When dry, seal rock colors with Scenic Cement (S191) and let dry. Then, brush on a less diluted Black Wash (1:16) to accentuate rock detail. Spray again with Scenic Cement to seal.

  • How many 2-4” Tree Armatures can be foliated with one bag of Foliage Clusters?

    This is difficult to calculate with Foliage Clusters, as the size of foliage is created by the customer. We recommend breaking foliage into pieces approximately 1/8"-5/16" for 2"-4" Tree Armatures. With these size pieces, one bag of Foliage Clusters will foliage approximately 40 trees. Actual coverage depends on how thick the foliage is applied.


  • How do I tint Water Effects™?

    Mix a small amount of Earth Colors® Liquid Pigment (C1216-C1223) or water-soluble paint into Water Effects™ before applying.

  • What are Hob-Bits made out of and are they heat treated?

    The Hob-Bit products are made out of high quality brass and are not heat treated

  • I have been building your DPM buildings. The roofs of the building are so plain. How about offering the vent roof hatchs and vent pipes and other goodies?

    We offer a Roof and Trim Kit (#30190) for HO scale models.  It includes Roof Material, Assorted Roof Vents and Hatches, and Parapet Wall Trim. 

  • How can I use your Risers to accomodate my S Gauge layout?

    To accomodate S gauge, double the Risers width by placing them side-by-side.

  • How do I make realistic snow drifts?

    There are two techniques you can use.

    1. Mix equal parts of white acrylic paint with Soft Flake Snow™

    2. Spread Flex Paste™ with a craft stick, then sprinkle with Soft Flake snow while wet.

  • How do I make a waterfall?

    You can make any size waterfall you want with Water Effects™ (C1212). To view a step-by-step video, visit the following link:


  • I bought your Tree Armatures and I would like to know what kind of foliage I should buy for building trees that are durable enough for wargaming.

    We recommend using Clump Foliage (FC181-FC186) as tree foliage. Break into desired sized pieces and attach to tree armatures with Hob-e-Tac (S195) as instructed. Spray foliage with Scenic Cement (S191) to secure in place.

  • Are any of your PineCar products made of lead?

    No, PineCar products are lead-free.

  • How do I remove dust from my E-Z Water™

    Use a damp, lint-free towel to remove dust.

  • Do you have a DVD about building, painting and detailing your DPM structures?

    Yes. It is called Constructing DPM Kits (#40000). It is hosted by Master Model Railroader, Miles Hale. He illustrates how to assemble, paint and detail DPM buildings easily with realistic results. Approximately 65 minutes.

  • Which Scenic Accents sets are included with the Assorted Figure Set Economy Pack?

    The figures in the Economy Sets are randomly selected. In the Assorted Figure Set, the figures represent common positions such as, walking, sitting and standing.

  • How can I get my Realistic Water a real blue color? I understand the base colouring instructions you give to get shallow and deep effect. The product dries clear, which is fine for some areas, but I wish to get a Blue Water effect.

    Modeling a blue-colored water feature with Realistic Water can be done in a variety of ways. Use Water Undercoat Terrain Paint (C1214). It is slate blue paint designed for coloring a water base blue and models a blue water effect. Use 100% acrylic paint in a blue shade.   

    Use Scene-A-Rama Blue Realistic Water (SP4195). This pre-tinted Realistic Water is ready to use. Applying additional layers enhances the blue effect.You can also tint Realistic Water by mixing in a tiny amount of Water Undercoat, 100% acrylic paint, liquid fabric dye or food coloring. This technique will give your water an opaque look. Pour Realistic Water into a disposable cup and mix in desired amount of color very slowly to avoid bubbles. If bubbles occur, cover and let set until they disperse (approx. 2 hours). Do a small test area and let cure for a minimum of 24 hours to verify desired color.

  • I would like to know which of your layout kits would easily adapt to my Lionel 0-27 trains. I am just getting started in this hobby and need all of the advice that I can get.

    For O scale, we recommend the Mod-U-Rail System. Mod-U-Rail allows you to design, build and landscape a layout that is customized to specific space and scale requirements.

  • On the Stealth Pre-Cut Design Car, what axle slots do you recommend I use to make the car as fast as it can be?

    We recommend using the extended wheelbase slots. An extended wheelbase allows more weight to be placed in the rear of the car and helps stabilize the front end, both of which make a car faster. Always be sure to check your local race rules.

  • Is your Top Coat Concrete more of a gray or sand color when dry? And does it have a texture in it?

    Top Coat Concrete (ST1454) is sand color and models a realistic, weathered-concrete look. Top Coat does not have an added texture.

  • I am using the plaster cloth and have some small areas where the cloth shows through. How can I correct this?

    These areas can be touched up by adding an additional layer of Plaster Cloth. Apply bumpy side up, and spread the plaster bumps with wet fingers to fill the holes in the cloth.  Lightweight Hydrocal can also be used to fill in the holes. Prepare Hydrocal per package instructions, then spread a thin, smooth layer over the problem areas.


  • I purchased the P362 Funnycar Pre-Cut Design car body and I do not want to place the weigths on the bottom of the car. Could I drill holes in the rear of the car and insert weights there? If so, how many weights would I need?

    Yes, holes can be drilled into the rear of the Funnycar Pre-Cut Design. Round Weights (P350) and Tungsten Cylinder Weights (P3914, P3915) fit a 3/8" cavity and Tungsten CoG Weights (P3918, P3919) fit a 23/64" cavity. The amount of weight needed will depend on your local race rules.

  • Will Water Effects (C1212) remain tacky or will it dry completely to a hard product? I am wanting to place models on top of it without it leaving marks on it or even worse, sticking to it.

    Water Effects will remain pliable.  Anything set on top of it will stick to it and leave indentations.


  • Can connector plates be cut to different lengths?

    Yes, connector plates made of composite wood and are cutable.

  • I am getting ready to start the Scenic Ridge layout and am using a table as the base but will need to add a top of the correct dimension for the set up. What would you suggest I use as the base? Plywood? Particle board? And what thickness?

    Plywood or particle board would work well. We recommend 3/4" medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Be sure the material you use is sturdy and provides a work area large enough to accommodate the Scenic Ridge Layout.

  • What are the HO scale track measurements from rail to rail, and also tie to tie.

    NMRA standards note minimum and maximum values, instead of limits, for Prototype HO (1:87) track. 

    Measurements (inside rail to inside rail)

    Minimum 16.48 mm

    Maximum 16.84 mm


    There are no NMRA standards for ties.


    If you are not concerned about NMRA standards, below are general measurements.

    HO Track

    Approximately 16.5 mm from inside rail to inside rail.



    Real World (HO scale)

    Length: 102" (1.17" / 29.6 mm)

    Width: 9" (0.103" / 2.6 mm)

    Height: 7" (0.08" / 2 mm)

    Center-to-Center Spacing: 19.5"-21" (0.22"-0.24" / 5.6 mm-6.1) mm


  • Is it okay to use your "How-to Videos" on our website? If it is, how can we get the files?

    All of our videos are available on YouTube for you to embed on your website. Just copy and paste the code from each of the videos that you want and paste the code on to your pages.


    Woodland Scenics Videos -

    PineCar Videos -

    Scene-A-Rama Videos -


  • I have your Risers and Inclines. Would Foam Tack Glue or the Low Temp Glue Gun be best for adhering these?

    Both adhesives work equally well. Foam Tack Glue is high tack white glue and works well as a contact cement. Low Temp Foam Glue bonds instantly and works well for a quicker installation.

  • Is there any specific type of paint you recommend to paint the plaster cloth after it has been applied to the layout?

    We recommend using Earth Colors Liquid Pigment, Earth Undercoat (C1229) or Green Undercoat (C1228). They yield realistic results and are formulated to blend naturally with our Turf products.

  • Can latex rubber be thinned? How do I clean the applicator brushes after using it?

    It is best to not thin the Latex Rubber. Adding water could change the make-up of the product. It is thick by design to adhere to vertical surfaces. Brushes should be cleaned immediately with warm, soapy water, then rinsed well. If the Latex Rubber dries on the brush, there is no way to remove it.

  • I need to know what material is used in manufacturing your Scenic Accents, AutoScenes and structures for purposes of selecting the appropriate glue.

    Various plastics are used in all cases.


    All Structures and Building Kits can be glued with model glue or solvent-based plastic cement, except for O Scale DPM Building Kits, which must be glued with CA glue.  Some details will require CA glue as well.


    AutoScenes and Scenic Accents can be glued with Scenic Accent Glue (A198).


  • I have applied some waves using the Water Effects on top of my Realistic Water. After waiting 48 hours for it to become clear, the water effects has remained white. Will it become clear with time?

    Depending on how thick Water Effects was applied, it could take quite a few days for it to dry completely clear.

    To speed up dry time, place a fan near the diorama to better circulate the air in the room.

  • Is your "ballast" real stone?

    No, our Ballast is not real stone. 

  • What do you recommend to protect Dry Transfers after application?

    We recommend using a brush-on, water-based clear gloss.

  • Does Woodland Scenics make O scale layout kits? If not, what are my other options to create an O scale layout that is quick, easy and looks realistic?

    We do not have a layout kit in O scale.


    For O scale, we recommend the Mod-U-Rail System. Mod-U-Rail uses our SubTerrain Lightweight Layout System and allows you to design, build and landscape a layout that is customized to your specific space and scale requirements. 


    You can also design and build a layout using the SubTerrain Lightweight System.

  • What are the dimensions of the A1918 Canoes?

    The canoes measure approximately 2" in length and 1/2" in width. 

  • I would like to duplicate the look of the Desert Sand Ready-Grass Sheet. Is this color turf available?

    Desert Sand ReadyGrass Vinyl Mats are made with a special, very fine blend of Talus.

    The closest match is Fine Grade Talus in Buff (C1270).

    To achieve the same fine consistency, place Talus in a plastic bag and seal. On a safe surface, tap Talus with a hammer until desired consistency is achieved.

  • I was looking at your pinecar speedway. It looks great, but is there any way to time the races?

    This regulation 4-lane, 32-foot track does not come with a timing device. 


    There are a couple of common methods for timing races manually. 

    -Assign a person to each lane and supply them with a stop watch. 


    -Have one person verify visually the order the cars finish. Then use a bracket system to narrow down the racers until there is a winner.



  • What are the metric mixing measurements for your Lightweight Hydrocal?

    Mix 295 mL of Lightweight Hydrocal with 118 mL of water.

  • I would like to know how long your dry graphite with molybdenum will stay effective. Is it best to keep applying it for optimum results?

    Depending on how the graphite is applied, Hob-E-Lube Dry Graphite Lubricant with Molybdenum (P358) should last throughout an entire derby event. 

    Some derby events do not allow additional applications of graphite. But if your local race rules allow, reapply a small amount of graphite between each elimination run for optimum performance.  

    Suggestions for Applying GraphiteApply graphite on the inside of wheel hubs, one at a time. Spin wheels to distribute graphite evenly. Then, apply additional graphite between the wheel and axle on the outside of each wheel. Spin to distribute evenly.

  • Can your grading kits be used with the Lionel Fastrack? If so how do you secure the track to the foam?

    Yes. Risers and Inclines/Declines can be used with O gauge Lionel FasTrack. They will need to be placed side-by-side so they are wide enough to support the track. 

    We recommend covering Risers and Inclines/Declines with Plaster Cloth prior to laying track. Attach the FasTrack to Plaster Cloth with Foam Tack Glue (ST1444).

  • Do your soil, grass, and tree products work for 1/35 modeling scale?

    Our turf products work for any scale. Our trees are available in a variety of sizes, the tallest measuring 9 inches.

  • What adhesive is the most suitable for securing Woodland Scenics trackbed to a plywood surface?

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    Our turf products work for any scale. Our trees are available in a variety of sizes, the">

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    Suggestions for APSuclnfi e.g a csTalu i" a=pasti bag y useac=its O" a=safewturfucl eapsTalu nile alevL crwunn>c=dos>sed consi /tlcaakalT e colored nile E =ih ColorsnLiq"> Pig ckt=aonachieve aeludos>sed color lfssy s p>
  • W/ evilnbecckt y purdha/, .a botta lfsup;e=reaci < ze . / evilnaonpou ael reaci < ze i" a=di8 hi / evilnbui tsan itlha/ 2 op,nlend . Wes wcaakIFu/,kaonblock ael end rmance.  

    Suggestions for AU/,kda sr .Sug< , su a/ styden lr sce e . Attachkael da sr .Sug< kaonael meses nfs< br /> br />/f up;.wlu lli llaonre lves ese nfs br />A t , opnon"li aon ru w n".t ,kReaci < Waa, . Yp;knias tlhavesany dept bunlou Waa, li shi Ouan govo a ,kias br /> br /> br /> p>
  • WWes wi a ,kgauge nfsa ,kO scaa Corner.Emporiumnw>se an wes wsgkup;. uggstilf accosso,O p 8errmance.  

    Suggestions for A el w>sekgauge i 24 AWGal el "P s req">re 16-20VACs p>
  • Wt 8 sgkI attach anReadyGrss= Vi Ol M tl />>>>>>>>>>>div class="qtions for AU/,kWoodly S s=M tlAdel/ovo (RG5161) iu co botta lcovor ae.rox. 5000< br /> br />< br /> br />/f attachi g ReadyGrss= ao a=porou surfucl,le 100-gritlsy pap,r eeea priLosw>le acry ic=pa> e ao seac=pri ao ae.lyi g Adel/ovoalLee=pa> e s,O coL a 8e y. br /> br />F anre osiion"i g bond, br />< br /> br />/f ws ii g a=permansnt bond, br />< br /> br />t 8 ao Ae. y - Bru w ne=r as a=gsnerou , v= .layer.nfsM t Adel/ovoalLee=s,O unn>c=da sr y tacky (max. wlrki g tims, 2 diurs)alDgk tlf cl s,O w>le heaa. A"P nnm tsan smo t from a, lao edgst w>le anr asi g device. A r asi g pi" wlrkt well. br /> br />< p>
  • WIlneodlao kn 8 tswes wtempe aiur,kup; low-tempe aiur,kgl ewgu".npe ail/./div> />>>>>>>>>>>div class="qtions for A el npe aii g tempe aiur,knfseeesL w Temp Foam Gl ewGu".i 230° F +/-. br /> br />< br /> br />Wllsgk tlbecoL ck .

    WWes wsre eeesaccont color i"clu c li" eachknfseeesPi eCar CoL a 8e Ps> e Sy
    Suggestions for AEachkCoL a 8e Ps> e Sy e Sy
  • W/ evilnMos=" Grsphi ssb,O e ansfe decalT Strip, Yell w (MG763)san Whits (MG760)san Isws ilao m llttrip, f nmy roa . Wes wsizlltdiu lIFu/,kan h w manO puckags sdiu lIForderrmance.  

    Suggestions for ARe eardhseeese akan eeesgeog aphi wsreakup;wsrenmos="P g f neeesco secllstan ard . br /> br />< br /> br />Mos=r .lan "P s srengsneraasy 4-i"cel/wnide. ei i"clu c roa , h O, an arki g l tl"P s i" hits (sol> an da wod)san yell w (/P gls, dou cl, sol> an da wod). N S aa : 4” = 0.025 / De aa: 1/32”< br /> br />HO S aa : 4” = 0.046 / De aa: 3/64”O S aa : PSuclntwo 3/64" decalT ese-by- ese br /> br />< br /> br />O; Mos=" Grsphi ss– Strip, (MG759-MG764)sarenae.roxima8e y 7-1/2 i"cel/wi" lengle. euFnum ,r lfspuckags neodc lnias depck .n".up; choson scaa an lengle lfsroa . br /> br />< br /> br />Her,kareneeessizllan uesnn>tOupe spuckags. br /> br />Sizl<< # lfspcs br /> br />0.01<<< 12spcs br /> br />1/64&/pp><&/pp><&/pp>< 11spcs br /> br />0.22&/pp><&/pp><&/pp>< 12spcs br /> br />1/32&/pp><&/pp><&/pp>< 8spcs br /> br />3/64&/pp><&/pp><&/pp>< 8spcs br /> br />&/pp>< br /> br /> onm llroa lstrippi"g easO, wllrecoL ck .

    e. Weea eeesRoa lStripP g Pe"s arenae.lic lonno TopkCos wAsphacl (ST1453)s nCon de8s (ST1454),nmi < ls areneasi y re lvc lw>le eeesRoa lStripesRe lvc nlin293)s d>
  • WWes wareneeesdims en"s nfseeescanoe in A2200sak .eeesdims en"s nfseeesdock ak .bos win A2203?lIFneodlao sel=ifseeeO w>as fitwin my layout. div> />>>>>>>>>>>div class="qtions for A euFcanoe dims en"s in itsm A2200saren1 1/8” l g x ¼” nide.&/pp>< br /> br /> euFdock dims en"s in itsm A2203saren7/8” l g x 5/16” nide. euFbos wdims en"s inclu P g eeenmot naren7/8” l g x ¼” nide. d>
  • WDgkyou evilnanO pro="an sak ./s nadvice f nm P g crownodlroa (h c nin eeenconter),ngutter , manholl/,nyk .drs> ags.g ail/ aa g eeencurb/,ny/ arentypicaa y fiu li" largc ntown/ a lciiol/ w>le st m.drs> r>/div> />>>>>>>>>>>div class="qtions for ATonmos=" a crownodlroa , wllrecoL ck .

    /tli dry he" itwi/ l gerncoolkle 220-gritlsy pap,rn> re lcrownodlroa nfi maiion. br /> br />Tonad gutter , dea8enfi m/ w>le Pavi g Tap, afterneeencrownodlroa ni/ coL a 8e . br /> br />Tonad st m.drs> ,sre lpaater" i crucki g. U/,kpieccs nfsstyden .g ail/ a lmanholl covc . br /> br />Ps> e pvil lydea/ w>le TopkCos wAsphacl (ST1453)s nCon de8s (ST1454). br /> br /> d>
  • Wt 8 sdiu lIFcolor my ze ydearmance.  

    Suggestions for A euFbsti y <as ae.ear. br /> br />&/pp>< br /> br />Ps> e snt>re terrs> ,winclu P g ze ydea, w>le Earle Colors Liq">dsPig ckts– Earle Uns=rcoatllin229). I" eeenconter nfseeen ze ydea, le 16- arn s ze s nchooso a "P e sshadc su a/ Ston Gr y lin218). Bensur,s e shadcs meee=eonavo> har w.e ansiion" aP s/ a lmos=" deaci < cea"gst > .deple. br /> br />&/pp>< br /> br />/f you yde

    dsPig ckts,le e you yde

    e ,sinclu P g pre iumnb and ,sconnv> asc . Vi Ol > .pv> escou levilnannadvc enreacion" w>le Reaci < Waa, . d>
  • WAde rock mol madc nfssi iconermance.  

    Suggestions for ARock mol sgk tlconnv> ssi icone. d>
  • Wt 8 sgkIkgl ewtoge l l> sS Denv>lT and t orss e kit rmance.  

    Suggestions for AHer,ki/ ou nmetho nfi a/sembaP gsS Denv>lT, Mi i-S cs and Truck esesS l/.Al y= s Ouwa wP gst onmetac=cationgt > .warm soapOuwaa, . R> en ell and a 8.dry.> ei w>as re ovc any re v> ong mol rea s enags esand aa 8 t ongl ewand pv> eseonadelr,kbeater.Gl ewMetac=Cationgt w>le fati-seatong e oxys ncyanoscry aa,nadel/ovo (/upc gl e). Weea

    asc -typongl e. U/,ks arP glO, toonmu gl e w>as m lna=po nbond. Ae.lyna=tony.dropkonnokonc nfst on arn sbeP g gl e , t on h l arn stogeasary vcton" aa 8 st ongl e nokselp > nokt onconnvct ydea, deaii g a=str gnbond.Aa 8ngl e nokdryncoL a 8elynbefi onmovi gstokt onnextlconstr"anon"=step./f t onmetac=cationgt ns ,s a> nl lpri ao a/sembaO, e sure nokscrupon a> nkoff gl e po> n . d>
  • Wt 8 sgkIkmos=" a dirtlboa rmance.  

    Suggestions for A eure yde m ny.diffe s es y= nokmos=" a dirtlboa . Her,kyde a cou a kof eseas.Ps> e&/pp>le Earle Colors Liq">dsPig ckts - Earle Uns=rcoatllin229). Weea dry spr y w>le S Ce ckt (S191)&/pp> l Turf (T42). ei w>as ad t ontexture of dirt. Weea dl/ore lamiu nkof Turf i ae.lic spr y w>le a f> al aP coatlof S Ce ckt nok eal > .pSuce. U/,kGr v=" - Buff F> l lin288). eu > clu e lAccont Pows=r w>as ad juti t onrP tou lof deaci < colorong. d>
  • Wt 8 cannIkmos=" a tum leweodrmance.  

    Suggestions for A eure yde a varPetOuof .ro="an syou cann br />F> l-Leaf Fol>ags - Dead Fol>ags (F1334)s LP Greea (F1132)&/pp>as mos=" vc y reaci < tum leweod . br /> br />PolynFi ,r (FP178) cannalTon e Roa .a=pieccuof stret e lfi ,r beaweo".up; palm/ nokgovo itlshap,. d>
  • WIFuns=rstand up; Okscaa Buicl and Readynbuic P gs Lub lr's G lral Store,nHarrison's Hardware,nand J.W.nC b sc sgk tl> clu e aP . Dgkt oyleve.e" eon e aP -readynfi my own aP P grmance.  

    Suggestions for AYl/,nt oylevvo a <> eeri aP P g
    WBesidesnt o Truck Pack (ST1183)sand C>tOu& I"duti y Buic P g S 8.(S1486),nwes wi tl> clu e l> st o HO scaa Gr nd Vaaloyllayout kit? DgesnitwcoLe w>le evc ything /u la/,ntu"n=" portac/,ntree/,n> tr"anon"/,n arest oresmorenitem/ neode leonpurceasermance.  

    Suggestions for A eu Gr nd VaaloylLayout Kitw> clu esni tr"anon"/sand aalst onterrs> sand landscaponmaieriac/ neode leonmos=" t onlayout a/ sdiwn. CoL on diuseh l item/,nadel/ovo and speciac>tOufoamleooc/ aresac/o req">re leoncoL a a,nt onlayout. br /> br />Adel/ovosWonrecoL ck .

    ck rn> taasanon". B t nadel/ovo wlrk eq"aasy well and ares esig l leon e used w>le SubTerrs> sLP weP lLayout Sy lTFoamlNv>lTw(ST1432) aresrecoL ck ed fi pP ong I cl> l/ and Ris=rsn> .pSuceleond a,rmine pSuce ckt. euy aresac/o used eonpP Truck-Bed and e ack P pSuce whia FoamlTack Gl ew rics. /f

    renterrs> , FoamlNv>lTwaresac/o recoL ck ed eonh l Ris=rsnand I cl> l/ P pSuce whia adel/ovow rics. FoamlCuttP g Tooc/ eu FoamlKnifew(ST1433)si H tlW>renFoamlCutt rn(ST1435) w>as e neode leoncut fiamlcoLponckts. B t narenideal fi cuttP g fiam, ut t onH tlW>renFoamlCutt rni q">ck rnand easi rneonusenand m ls ca s , accuraie cuts. Hiuseh l I br />NOTE: TruP and vehi ll/ aren tl> clu e . br /> br />< br /> br /> d>
  • WIlevvo t onMiu nuP VaaloylS e y kit and wou lli lneonad t on tr"anure sfeaiured st o box,nwes warent oyrmance.  

    Suggestions for ABel 8ni t olliti of .ro="an ssdiwn st o Miu nuP VaaloylS e y Kitw(S928) box. Asfew of t o vehi ll/ aren tlavaila sc. br /> br />Woodland Stanon" (PF5187) br /> br />Ciu n y Cottags (PF5186)Cutti g's Scissi Co. (10300) br /> br /> eu Ot o Cor e nCafew(11500) br /> br />Fr t Street Buic P g (12000) br /> br />1ti Nanon"al Bank (11800) br /> br />Goodfell 8 sHaal (10800)Laub 's L> ln Mial (10600) br /> br />Street and Truff LP Tw(D248)Backhoew(D237) br /> br />Dump Tr"ak (D247) br /> br />Gazebo (D236) br /> br />Haal and Du ln(AS5521) br /> br />Tonad ad iion"al vehi ll/,nfigure/,n tr"anure l of .ro="an ss wwoodlandsc s.coL. d>
  • WCan t o HO TidynTruak RoeonWee=" Ca s e n e used w>le On30 locoLotovo rmance.  

    Suggestions for A eu On30 locoLotovo welevvo tstied w>le t o HO RoeonWee=" Ca s e n(TT4561) evvo beo".coLpano sc.
  • WO .wes wtyponof /urfucl sgkIkmos=" r a weenn

    />>>>>>>>>>>div class="qtions for ASmo t -Itssdiu l e ve.lic eonporius /urfucl/,n u la/ Passier Ca t lin203, C1191-C1193),nSeveer See=t™ Passier lin180),nFoamlSee=tTw(ST1422-ST1427)si .lywood. You cann eeri > eok maa er seg ckts. ei w>as m l t o .rojean easi rneonea"dll. d>
  • WI .lanneonle warm, soapOuwaa, . br /> br />< br /> br />G lral a s i gsinfi maion"ni litic st o aabel

  • WDgesnt o Mos-U-Rail Sy le bottom-miu nc accessi ics u la/ sw>l lLotorsrmance.  

    Suggestions for AYl/,nt o Mos-U-Rail Sy le bottom-miu nc accessi ics. Cut ak t lP t o Ris=rsnand > taas akhar l oar leon/upportse o meceanism. Cut akh lo > se o base fi > taasi g and s=rvici g e o sw>l lLachinl and.coLpa a,ne o > taasaion" accor P g eonm nufucnurer's > tr"anon" . d>
  • WDg youkhavo a diagramlfi wirongne o RovorkPass Layout eonru stwgktruP snatsinl timermance.  

    Suggestions for AI"nors=r eonru smultipa ktruP snn" a aayout, youkw>as neod eonpurcease speciac eleanr s, su la/ Block Co n olnor Digitaa Comm nd Co n oln(DCC). Provi P g infi maion"nn"nspecif tecenologicslfi ru i gsmultipa ktruP sni outside ou vdeanof exeertis=. WesrecoL ck kconnvcti gse o m nufucnurernof e o truck. euOuw>as e v sc eonprovi , youuw>le morenaccuraie infi maion". d>
  • WSdiu lIkcovorkmy asphacl a> nod r a s.ri eonspr yi gsS Ce ckt n"ne o surriun P g vdeasrmance.  

    Suggestions for AYl/.sS Ce ckt sdiu l t e spr yod onno Top CoatsAsphacl (ST1453)&/pp>< Co deie (ST1454),nit w>as a svo e o surfuco spotty.>/f e oreni l ndscapP g no e dinl ariun &/pp>le a damp apc nowel no v si b any ovorspr y. d>
  • WDg yourkmo="aar sy cknd aail are e oyk mo t rmance.  

    Suggestions for AN,nHO and Okscaa &/pp>cknd aail. d>
  • WAre yourkTidyTruak a s i gspro="an coLpano scsw>le my Marksi nHO 3 ruPlrmance.  

    Suggestions for AYl/.&/pp>le e okTidynTruak Wee=" and Ma> nonanco Sy as hsvo no e a s cd sepc aiely/m nuaasy, beca br />Wessuggstin
    br /> br /> br />< d>
  • WDg I neod 3 4 si , byk i , risors/> clinlslfi s sOsS aa diu sc truckrmance.  

    Suggestions for AFi Okscaa diu sc truck, Ris=rsnST1406-ST1409,nST1414)&/pp> l//Decl> l/ (ST1410-ST1413, ST1415-ST1416)&/pp>< d>
  • WWes wi e o recoL ck od aiionofksc gl eweonwaa, weenn

    Suggestions for AWessgk tlrecoL ck diluti gsS Gl e.&/pp>
  • WHiwssgkI truck-bod alo gscurvo rmance.  

    Suggestions for ASeparaa,nTruak-Bed > nonewgksecion" alo gse o scoro a> l. Draw s a, a> l alo gse o curvo. U/i gse o c a, a> l a a gui ,, pre snTruak-Bed secion" i n.laco separaa,sy, butti gse om snugly i ,-by- i ,. br /> br />WesrecoL ck sattachingsTruak-Bed w>le FoamlTack Gl ew(ST1444). d>
  • WIs yourkST1445 LiwsTemp Gl ewGu soffored > a vc son"se s wru on 240 VoltTwfi e o UK? /div> />>>>>>>>>>>div class="qtions for ANo,nit isn tloffored&/pp><> this voltags. Wessuggstinpurceasingsa UK voltags adaptor. d>
  • WHiwssgkyou get e o clump foliagewedee/ so full?kI bou lyour kit and Ikca"n t get e om eonlook a> l t at. Dg you an t or cos wofkt okh b-e-tac eont okfirtinve.licaiio sof foliageweeennad kmoro foliage/div> />>>>>>>>>>>div class="qtions for AHore isnour method for mos="i g edee/ w>le Clump-Foliage,nwhi lprovi , a vc y thi k, realiti looki g edee.1. Bck sak stwitisTrel A maiure i eonrealiti ,nt rel-di ckson"aa sevee/.sAnpop"aar teceniues isneonhsvo n okbrsnc o re em sc deor ant er/.s ei seveekhelp ho lmoro foliage on A maiure . Hib-e-Tacw(S195) libc aasyneonaas i ,snofkbrsnc o ,lavoi P g tr"nk areanwhore foliage dgesnn t griwsnaiuraasy.>Wait for ad o ovoneonbecomo clear ak stacky (vc y important). D y time varics des eonenvir cktaa con Piio ,l20-45+ minuto . 3. Break Clump-Foliage i eonm nagev sc sizo pieces n at&/pp> ,nif desired.s ee ,npP lClump-Foliagekfirmly on brsnc o eonsecure.&/pp>le S Ce cktw(S192) eonhelpnseaa > .laco. d>
  • WWes w a> n colorsnwore n Rocky's Tsvor". div
    n, sw>le n okfolliwP gs.a> n colors. br /> br />Br>cknWaas/ (base color) - Floquil® “Br>ck”Random Br>cks – Polly S aa ™ “Antiues White” and “Rail Briwn”Stinl alo gsbottom ofkwaas &/pp><– Polly S aa “CN Gr y” and “Agod Co deie” br /> br />Weaihor n ok tr"anuresw>le a WeaihorP gsWash. Mix 1-parinvcrylics.a> n&/pp><(Co deie Agod Co deie),n12-pari rubbP gsalcoho , 8-pari waa, and 1k rop liuei dis lsoap. U/i gsas.a> nbrus , dab on maa amiu nsnofkwa h u nil desired look isnachievcd.sSpo ge ff exces . d>
  • <<<<
    WWes w a> n colorsnwore n S>ckennTire CoLpany mos=" n s wisnon iho fr wofkt okboxrmance.  

    Suggestions for ABeliwsarekt okpa> n colorsn n t okLandmark Str"anuresBuil P g Kit - S>ckennTire CoLpany (PF5184 and PF5204). Ad Piio aa pa> nP g and weaihorP gstip sca"nbekfoun non iho backwofkt okP str"anio Twbooka a. br /> br />&/pp>< br /> br />Buil P g Base Color: Floquil® - D potsBuff br /> br />Random Br>cks: Polly S aa ™ - Earih Briwn br /> br />Trim v ovokWindows: Polly S aa - Verm wGreln br /> br />&/pp>< br /> br /> a WeaihorP gsWashnon iop ofk ricd base color. U/i gsas.a> nbrus , dab on maa amiu nsnofkwa h (formulakfolliws) u nil desired look isnachievcd.sSpo ge ff exces .Fo mula: Mix 1-parinvcrylics.a> n ( olor suggstiio : co deie age kcon deie),n12-pari rubbP gsalcoho , 8-pari waa, and 1k rop liuei dis lsoap. d>
  • <<<<
    WWes w olor wore n Sonny's Supc S=rvicesBuil P g Kit pianure non iho boxrmance.  

    Suggestions for ABeliwsarekt okpa> n colorsn n t okLandmark Str"anuresBuil P g Kit - Sonny's Supc S=rvices(PF5183 and PF5203). Ad Piio aa pa> nP g and weaihorP gstip sca"nbekfoun non iho backwofkt okP str"anio Twbooka a. br /> br />&/pp>< br /> br />Buil P g Base Color: Floquil® - Wiscokson Ccktraa Go br /> br />Roof: Floquil - Dayli lRe br /> br />Random Br>cks: Polly S aa ™ - Earih BriwnTrim: Polly S aa - TTX Yelliw br /> br />&/pp>< br /> br /> a WeaihorP gsWashnon iop ofk ricd base color and roof. U/i gsas.a> nbrus , dab on maa amiu nsnofkwa h (formulakfolliws) u nil desired look isnachievcd.sSpo ge ff exces .Fo mula: Mix 1-parinvcrylics.a> n ( olor suggstiio : co deie age kcon deie),n12-pari rubbP gsalcoho , 8-pari waa, and 1k rop liuei dis lsoap. d>
  • <<<<
    WDg you hsvo any .a> nP gsand weaihorP gstip sfor your buil P g kit rmance.  

    Suggestions for AYl/,nwe do! br /> br />Colorsnaresyour choice, butnwe recoL ck snaiuraa br>ckkcolorsnsu la srust,ntan t or earih tinl . Pa> n do and window trim t o same colorla st o br>ckkorla coktratio g color. br /> br />Pa> no g Airbrus korlHand-brus : Fls wfinis l.a> n Aerosol: Fls wfinis lspr y .a> n br /> br />I n,riorlLi o g br /> br />Buil P gsnm ynn t be&/pp>
  • nP gkP n,riorlwaas and un c si , f roof fls wearih-tinl color. br /> br />WeaihorP gsWeaihorP gsWa h: U/i gsas.a> nbrus , dab on maa amiu nsnofkwa h (formulakfolliws) u nil desired look isnachievcd.sSpo ge ff exces .Fo mula: Mix 1-parinvcrylics.a> n ( olor suggstiio : co deie age kcon deie),n12-pari rubbP gsalcoho , 8-pari waa, and 1k rop liuei dis lsoap.Airbrus :lLi ly spr y thin cd fls wblacks.a> n ( olor suggstiio : grimywblack) eonaroa swhore naiuraa dis oloraiio sca"noccur (near window/,nchimney/,netc.).Chalk: Rubsasdark olor fs.a nbrus , dab chalk dustswhore dis oloraiio sca"noccur. d>
  • />>>>>>>/li>
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    WSdiu lIn
    Suggestions for AWesrecoL ck s

    le Passa, Cl t .&/pp>a caa sdirtenniho worki g eime. d>
  • <<<<
    WI vm tryi g eonad ksi ,waaks eonmywlayout p, P str"anio Twbut iho pavi g eveelw>a n t tiockseonexiti g Smo t Ia. div> />>>>>>>>>>>div class="qtions for APavi g Tveelw>a only siockseonSmo t -I wifnit isndry.>/f iho road fees coo" nonn oktou ,nit needsnad Pnio aa dryi g eime.kTry .laci g ftio P nn okaroakto speed up n okproces .&/pp>< d>
  • <<<<
    WI needkto purceasokad Pnio aa 'connecior" block sfor n okprofia board . /div> />>>>>>>>>>>div class="qtions for AWessgkn t tell n osokasnseparaa,nitem . You ca"nm l your w"nby cutti gsProfia Board kto desired sizo. d>
  • <<<<
    WWes waro your foamlsheei made frmance.  

    Suggestions for AOur FoamlSheei (ST1422-ST1427)waro expanded polystyre l.&/pp>< Our Mos="i gsSheei (C1174-C1177)waro extr"ded polystyre l. d>
  • <<<<
    WWes wsizo Balassn do yousrecoL ck sfor each scaa /div> />>>>>>>>>>>div class="qtions for AN scaa = Finl Gr de br /> br />HO scaa = Medium Gr de br /> br />O scaa = CoarsokGr de d>
  • <<<<
    WWes wca"nIn
    Suggestions for A ee bsti way to mos=" awdustsP kto le 80-gri wsak pveer ( oarsokgrade).&/pp>le S Ce cktw(S191). You ca"ncontro" nee caa nby

  • <<<<
    WI bri l a S Ac t, how do Iwfixnitrmance.  

    Suggestions for AWesrecoL ck s

    le akto t piak ak spre ktogeneer. Ho u nil setti gsbegP s. d>
  • <<<<
    WDg you ffc a lubr>caktweon/liv
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    Suggestions for AE-ZsWaiers(C1206): pons ed fabr>ck yl only br /> br />&/pp>< br /> br />Roa"iti csWaiers(C1211)wa nWaiersEffcat s(C1212): Earih ColorsnLiuei Pig ckt s(C1215-C1223, C1228, C1229),nfoo kcolori gsor 100%nvcrylics.a> n d>
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