Just Plug® Traffic Lights Assortments & Merchandiser

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  • Description

    Bring any intersection on your layout to life with Just Plug Traffic Lights. Three popular traffic signal styles - Pedestal, Mast Arm and Suspended Flashing - of the 1940s and '50s are available, and all are still seen on streets today. The Traffic Lights are pre-wired and made for use with the Just Plug® Lighting System. They are ready to place right out of the package, and they're hand-painted and authentically weathered.

    Your customers can use Just Plug for any scale. It offers a simple connection system that makes it quick and easy to light just one building or an entire city. The modular design allows for easy expansion. Modelers can adjust individual bulb brightness easily with dimmer controls.

    The Just Plug Lighting System is a quick and easy option for all modelers of any skill level. There is absolutely no electrical knowledge needed. The System can be applied to hobbies in addition to model railroads, such as die cast models, slot car layouts, plastic models and dioramas.

    The price points of the individual SKUs are attractive to both dealer and customer, and the compact merchandiser design will fit easily on existing pegboard space.

    Available with the full color, vinyl merchandiser. The JP5669 merchandiser aligns with the previous merchandiser for a full horizontal or vertical display of the Just Plug system.

    *Freight charges are based on your current qualifying order minimum. Your distributor is your source for pricing information and ordering.

    • JP5669 - Just Plug Traffic Lights Vinyl Merchandiser -

      4 ea of 9 SKUs. 216 3/8 in w x 4 ¼ in d x 30 in h (41.5 cm x 10.7 cm x 76.2 cm) vinyl panel for pegboard display.

      - $0.00
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    • JP5784 - HO/N Scale Traffic Lights Assortment -

      4 each of 6 SKUs.

      - $779.76
    • -------------------
    • JP5785 - Traffic Lights Full Assortment -

      4 each of 9 SKUs.

      - $1,279.64
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    • JP5785H - Traffic Lights Half Assortment -

      2 each of 9 SKUs.

      - $639.82
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