Iron Ore Ballast


Realistically model railroad track, crushed rock and stones. Easy to use and colorfast. For any scale.

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Iron Ore Fine Ballast Bag

21.6 cu in (353 cu cm)
$5.99 B70 Add to Wish List

Iron Ore Medium Ballast Bag

21.6 cu in (353 cu cm)
$5.99 B77 Add to Wish List

Iron Ore Coarse Ballast Bag

21.6 cu in (353 cu cm)
$5.99 B84 Add to Wish List

About Ballast and Coal

Use Ballast and Coal for any scale to model realistic railroad track, gravel roads, crushed rock and stones, hopper loads and coal piles. Available in several colors and sizes, you can mix and match for a superior realistic effect. Ballast and Coal are lightweight and easy to use. Watch our video about how to apply it and attach with Scenic Cement™.

ALLERGY CAUTION: Ballast contains tree nut by-products.

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Safety Warning    |    Made in the USA    |    ASTM Certified

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